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If you are here, then you know the popularity of manga and anime One Piece. It was created by Eiichiro Oda. And it’s filled with mysteries and legendary figures that fans across the United States love.

One of the most mysterious characters is Joy Boy. He’s a historical figure from the Void Century. And his actions and promises impact the current storyline. His first hint of existence is when Nico Robin reads the ancient scripture Poneglyph in Sea Forest(One Piece chapter #628)

Fans think that the Monkey D. Luffy is the reincarnation or successor of Joy Boy. But is he really Joy Boy? We will find theories linking Luffy to him. And it discusses what this could mean for the “One Piece” universe.



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Who is Joy Boy?

So, who was Joy Boy? He lived during the Void Century which is a mysterious period hidden by the World Government. Joy Boy is known for trying to fulfill a promise to the Fishman Island people. This promise is carved on the Poneglyphs.

The Poneglyphs also mention Joy Boy’s tie to a massive treasure. It’s hidden on the final Grand Line island, Laugh Tale. Joy Boy’s life connects to the Great Kingdom which is an ancient civilization against the 20 kingdoms that formed the World Government later.


His actions and left artifacts like the Poneglyphs suggest he helped people and stood for freedom. The most notable Joy Boy reference comes from Pirate King Gol D. Roger. After finding the One Piece on Laugh Tale, he wished to live in Joy Boy’s era.

Theories about Joy Boy

Title vs. Reincarnation:- There is ongoing debate among fans about whether Joy Boy is a title passed down through generations or a reincarnated person. Some believe that Joy Boy represents an inherited will. This concept fits with the series’ repeated theme of inherited will and the passing of ideals from one generation to the next.

Joy Boy and Luffy’s Connection:- Luffy’s journey and characteristics are quite parallels to Joy Boy’s journey. Both characters believe in freedom and inspire loyalty and comradeship along with a playful and determined spirit. Luffy awakened his devil fruit powers and transformed into the Sun God Nika during the fight with Kaido. It is a form associated with liberation and joy which shows the connection to Joy Boy.

Islands and Places:- As the name says, Joy Boy means a person who brings joy to people. We can see the similarity between Joy Boy and Luffy as Luffy also brings joy and happiness to the islands he visited and liberated.

Imu’s Connection:- Some theories even suggest that Imu (the mysterious ruler of the World Government who has a historical connection to Joy Boy) is possibly as a former ally turned enemy. This theory posits that Imu’s possession of a giant straw hat and the government’s obsession with the Hito Hito no Mi (Human-Human Fruit) are linked to Joy Boy’s legacy.

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Zunesha Announces the Return of Joy Boy

Zunesha Announces the Return of Joy Boy

The Wano Country Saga in One Piece had a major moment. Zunesha (the ancient elephant) announced the return of Joy Boy. This happened as Luffy battled Kaido and awakened his devil fruit powers, transforming into Gear 5.

Zunesha has a direct link to the Void Century events. And it heard the Drums of Liberation – a sound from Luffy’s heartbeat. This sound reminded Zunesha of Joy Boy. That’s why it told Momonosuke that Joy Boy had returned which confirms Luffy as the new Joy Boy.

It also confirms that Joy Boy isn’t just one historical figure. Instead, it’s a title or legacy passed down to those spreading liberation. This shows a connection to Joy Boy and the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika devil fruit Luffy has.

This rare, powerful devil fruit is feared by the World Government. They have tried erasing its existence since it could disrupt their control.

Gol D. Roger’s Desire to Meet Joy Boy

After reaching Laugh Tale and discovering the One Piece, Roger expressed his wish to live in the same era as Joy Boy.

Roger and his crew discovered the truth about Joy Boy and the Great Kingdom which opposed the World Government. They realized that Joy Boy’s legacy and the ancient weapons were important to uncovere the true history of the world. Roger’s longing to meet Joy Boy arrived from his admiration for Joy Boy’s mission and the connections he saw between Joy Boy’s goals and his own dreams.

Roger’s statement about wanting to meet Joy Boy is now interpreted by many fans as a foreshadowing of his desire to meet Luffy. Roger understood that a significant event would occur 20 years in the future, which would bring forth a new Joy Boy. This prophecy aligns with the timeline of Luffy’s rise as a pirate and his eventual awakening as Joy Boy during the Wano arc. Roger’s crew who traveled from the Void Century were aware of this change and believed that Luffy would be the one to bring about this new era​

The Role of the Iron Giant

The Role of the Iron Giant

The Iron Giant is a mysterious and significant figure within the One Piece universe. It was introduced during the Egghead Arc. This colossal robot was created approximately 900 years ago during the Void Century. The Iron Giant is notable for its attack on Mary Geoise 200 years ago. It could not complete this mission due to running out of power. This historical action suggests its opposition to the World Government

When Luffy activated his Drums of Liberation in his Gear 5 form, the Iron Giant responded and reawakened which shows the connection between the robot and Joy Boy. The Drums of Liberation are unique to Luffy’s awakened form and it suggests that Iron Giant recognizes Luffy as the new Joy Boy. So, fans believe that Iron Giant may have been programmed or influenced by the original Joy Boy to help his successor in the fight against oppression​.


The theory that Luffy is the new Joy Boy is true if it is just a title given to a person who believes in freedom and liberation. The probability of Luffy as the reincarnation of Joy Boy is pretty low, These elements set the stage for Luffy to fulfill Joy Boy’s legacy.

It brings hope and liberation to a world long dominated by the World Government. As one piece continues, fans await more revelations that will further unfold this grand question

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