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The world of “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” follows a fascinating concept of evolution. In this world, creatures can evolve from inferior to superior races by following various evolutionary processes. For instance, a monster can evolve by receiving a name or fulfilling certain conditions. Among these evolution stages, Demon Lord is one of the highest evolution stages a monster can achieve.

Our friendly neighborhood slime, Rimuru, has just undergone this transformation in the anime and is now a Demon Lord. However, this has led to some confusion because there are different types of Demon Lords, such as True Demon Lords and Great Demon Lords. This raises the question: “Is Rimuru a True Demon Lord? or just a normal one?

Is Rimuru a True Demon Lord?

To answer this, Let’s start from the basics. On this page, we will understand the different stages of Demon Lord evolution, and the conditions to achieve it. Also to know, which demon Lord from Walpurgis meeting belongs to which kind of Demon Lord. Let’s start and clear all the confusion.


Demon Lord Title and True Demon Lord are Different

The first thing we need to understand is that being a Demon Lord through evolution is one thing and being given the Demon Lord title is another. Among the ten Demon Lords, we have seen in Walpurgis, not even half of them are True Demon Lords. This is mainly because only monsters can achieve the evolution stage of Demon Lord. Other beings, like humans and spirits, cannot undergo this evolution. For Example, Hinata Sakaguchi is as strong as a Demon Lord but called a True Saint.

For these beings, there are different ways to gain the Demon Lord title. One can just go and declare himself a Demon Lord only if that person is certain that he can handle the wrath of other existing Demon Lords. Or he can just defeat an existing Demon Lord to take his/her position. Basically if one needs to have a Demon Lord title, he must be recognized by other existing Demon Lords.

For example, Leon Cromwell became a Demon Lord by killing Kazalim and taking her Demon Lord position. The fact is that it is easier to get the Demon Lord title rather than go through an evolution to become one.

Demon Lords in title only

  • Fairy Queen Ramiris
  • True giant Dagruel
  • Curse Lord Kazalim
  • Sky Queen Carrion/Frey
  • Ex-Hero Leon Cromwell
  • Crazy Pierrot Clayman

Stages of Evolution

The Demon Lord’s evolution has two stages. The initial stage is called True Demon Lord and the final stage is known as Great Demon Lord.


True Demon Lord

For a True Demon Lord to be born, certain conditions must be met. Among them, one most important requirements is gathering a minimum of 10,000 souls, either directly or indirectly. Once all requirements are met, the individual will receive a Demon Lord seed and undergo a transformation through the Harvest Festival. Finally, he will be a True Demon Lord.

This transformation is a very rare occurrence and can be sensed from anywhere in the world. During this process, the evolved True Demon Lord may acquire ultimate skills, or get their skills evolved. Their subordinates are also rewarded with gifts and become stronger through a soul link with their master.

Rimuru with Guy

List of True Demon Lords

  • Red Primordial Guy Crimson 
  • Dragon Princess Milim Nava
  • Vampire Luminas Valentine
  • Fallen Angel Dino
  • Friendly Neighbourhood Slime Rimuru Tempest

Great Demon Lord

Don’t be confused with 10 Great Demon Lords with this evolution stage, both of them are different. A Great Demon Lord is the next and final stage of Demon Lord evolution whereas 10 Great Demon Lords is just a title. Naturally, this evolution is extremely difficult to obtain. In the light novel, we have only seen Two Great Demon Lords.

There are also conditions to become a Great Demon Lord. One crucial requirement is to have at least three True Demon Lords as subordinates. Additionally, the candidate must be acknowledged by the Voice of the World. Only with this recognition from Voice of the World can they evolve into a Great Demon Lord.

List of Great Demon Lords

  • Curse Lord Kazalim
  • Friendly Neighbourhood Slime Rimuru Tempest

Is Rimuru a True Demon Lord now?

If you are talking about the anime, then yes, Rimuru is now a True Demon Lord. It happened at the end of the war between the Jura Tempest Federation and the Kingdom of Falmouth. Rimuru annihilated the entire army of Falmouth, resulting in the death of more than 15,000 soldiers.

This was enough for the soul count required to get a Demon Lord seed. Just before the Harvest Festival, his unique skill, Great Sage, evolved into the Ultimate skill Raphael. Then Raphael helped Rimuru revive all of his fallen comrades during the war.

During the Harvest Festival, all of Rimuru’s subordinates received gifts. These gifts were their desired skills and strengths, which made them even stronger. After Rimuru’s evolution, he gained a total of four ultimate skills: Raphael, Lord of Wisdom; Beelzebub, Lord of Gluttony; Uriel, Lord of Vows; and Veldora, Lord of Storms. Raphael mentioned that Rimuru’s magicules had increased tenfold after the evolution.

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Rimuru killing 15000 soldiers

In The End

We know that Rimuru is exceptionally strong. Just going from a simple slime to a Demon Lord in just two years is not an easy feat. He has a very terrifying growth rate. As fans, we are aware that, given time, Rimuru may become someone truly unfathomable. If you have read the light novel, you can understand the reasons behind this claim.

So, rather than stressing out about his potential future power, let’s sit back and enjoy the show. That’s it for this post. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please comment below. Your input helps us improve the quality of our content.

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