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In the world of fantasy, a slime is considered one of the weakest, while a dragon is viewed as one of the strongest beings. Comparing these two races in terms of strength just doesn’t make any sense and will be a waste of time. However, we “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” anime fans know very well, why the question of Rimuru vs Veldora is worth discussing.

At the start of the anime, Veldora is portrayed as a powerful True Dragon and one of the strongest characters in the series. Meanwhile, Rimuru was beginning his journey as a small slime in a new world. But now he has become a demon Lord and is slowly getting a foothold as a stronger being.

So the question arises among the fans Is Rimuru stronger than Veldora right now? Let’s start with the basics backgrounds and deep dive into their current skills and abilities. Then we will decide who has the higher chance of winning If a hypothetical battle happens between them.

Rimuru vs Veldora Is Rimuru Stronger Than Veldora

Veldora is a True Dragon; an Embodiment of Wind, Water, and Space

Veldora Tempest, the Storm Dragon, was born over 2000 years ago during the primordial age. He became the fourth True Dragon in the world alongside the Star King Dragon, the Frost Dragon, and the Scorch Dragon. As a True Dragon Veldora can control wind, water, and space. Hence, he got the name of Storm Dragon.

Before meeting Rimuru, Veldora was hot-headed and reckless. He was fighting anyone out of boredom and sometimes destroying cities or nations for entertainment. This behavior led to his sealing 300 years ago by a hero sent by the eastern nation. The hero used an Ultimate skill “Infinite Imprisonment,” which trapped him within an unbreakable barrier until his death.

After that Rimuru accidentally discovered him in the cave. Veldora was feeling very lonely after a long 300 years of solitude and wanted someone to talk to. So he made Rimuru his friend despite the fact that he is a slime. Rimuru also promised him to find a way for his freedom. After Rimuru became the demon lord he broke Veldora’s “infinite Imprisonment” with the help of Rafael.

Rimuru is a Demon Lord Despite Being a Slime

Now, who doesn’t know Rimuru Tempest? A friendly neighborhood slime who wants to build a peaceful nation with all kinds of races living in harmony. His story starts as an ordinary human who was stabbed to death in his previous life in the modern world. Upon reincarnation, his final wishes became skills and he got a slime body.


Just after reincarnation, Rimuru made the storm dragon Veldora his first friend. Then both of them shared a family name, “Tempest,”. Rimuru stored Veldora in his stomach with the promise of getting him free. While wandering in the forest he found a goblin village on the verge of destruction due to the disappearance of Veldora’s protection on the forest of Jura.

Starting with a small goblin village, Rimuru slowly converted it into a town, then a thriving city, and finally, a powerful nation where various races coexist in harmony. He grew strong and transformed into a demon lord with the approval of the other seven demon lords. Now Rimuru has a powerful nation, strong allies, and its army. He also has ties with neighboring nations, cities, and towns.

Rimuru vs Veldora Skills and Abilities Comparison

NOTE: We will only discuss the skills and abilities explored in the anime between Rimuru vs Veldora. To make this page spoiler-free, we will not discuss any spoilers from the light novel.

Skills and Abilities of Rimuru Tempest

Rimuru can copy the skills of each enemy by absorbing their dead bodies or taking a sample of their magic. So it is realistically not possible to mention every skill Rimuru has. So we will only discuss the ultimate skills Rimuru possesses. Because they are very hard to acquire and cannot be copied. They also matter the most during high-profile battles.


Raphael, Lord of Wisdom

Raphael is an upgraded version of Rimuru’s Unique skill, “Great Sage.” This ultimate skill works like an advanced artificial intelligence with powers like Thought Acceleration, Analytical Appraisal, Parallel Calculation, Synthesize/Separate/Degenerate, All of Creation, Alteration, etc.

Raphael can process vast amounts of information in an instant. It can predict outcomes, and devise optimal solutions to complex problems like real-life fighting. This skill can give Rimuru a strategic advantage during the fight between Veldora vs Rimuru.

Beelzebub, Lord of Gluttony

Beelzebub He’s an evolved skill of Unique skills “Merciless and Gluttony”. This ultimate skill works like a black hole, which can devour anything and everything. This includes all organic-inorganic matters, magic attacks, aura, magicules, space, etc. Beelzebub can even absorb the souls of the dead. This skill helps Rimuru to analyze and copy others’ skills and physical bodies. It can also replicate magic attacks and enemy weapons as long as Rimuru has the materials for it.

Uriel, Lord of Vows

Rimuru got this skill after Raphael analyzed the ultimate skill “Infinite Imprisonment”. Uriel is a defensive and barrier-type skill that grants Rimuru protection against almost everything. Its sub-skills are Infinity Prison, Law Manipulation, Universal Barrier, and Spatial Domination.

Veldora, Lord of Storms

This ultimate skill is a manifestation of Rimuru and Veldora’s friendship. This allows Rimuru to summon Veldora wherever he wants. And if Veldora dies for some reason then Rimuru can just resummon him. This skill has nothing to do with the Veldora vs Rimuru battle. So Let’s ignore it.

Skills and Abilities of Veldora Tempest

Veldora Tempest is one of the most powerful characters in the universe of “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.” As a True Dragon, his abilities are definitely top-notch. But the anime has not explored the ultimate skills of Veldora. Rather we have not seen him fight yet other than flashbacks. So Let’s explore the skills and abilities we are sure of.

Elemental Mastery

Veldora can control three main elements that are wind water and space.

  • Create and control storms: Veldora can generate massive storms, by using wind and water
  • Manipulate water: Water manipulation can help in fights that are in water bodies like sea or river. He has also an advantage against fire-based attacks due to this skill
  • Spatial manipulation: Being born from the chaos Veldora has the ability to manipulate space. Not much has been explained about how he uses it in the series.


Being an embodiment of a natural phenomenon in the catastrophe He has very good regenerative abilities. Which is helpful for him The Battle of longer periods.

Magicule Storage and Control

Veldora has the highest amount of magical reserves only second to his big brother Star King Dragon, Veldanava in the world of “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.” For example, while being trapped, he provided magicule to the entire forest of Jura for about 300 years. Still, he had enough magicules to leave for another 100 or 200 years

Breath Attack

We have seen Veldora using a breath attack in a flashback while destroying a city. As a dragon, it is given that the most powerful attack in his arsenal is a breath attack. Not much has been explained in the series, but we can expect that it is very powerful to the extent that it can destroy a town or city easily.

Battle IQ

It is given that after fighting for 2000 years his battle IQ has increased with every battle he had. It is more so in the case of Veldora because he was always fighting even when he was bored and needed some entertainment.

True Dragon Aura

Veldora’s Dragon aura is very powerful in the sense that the enemy will shake in fear and lose his will to fight. It became evident when Rimuru freed Veldora. His dragon aura made the entire forest of Jura tense.

Veldora can’t truly die

Being born from chaos Veldora can’t truly die. Like other true dragons for some reason, if Veldora dies in a battle he will again resurrect. Although you will not have all the memories It is a very useful tool. This can affect the Rimuru vs Veldora Fight the most.


Rimuru vs Veldora Who Would Win?

After considering all the skills and abilities of both characters, we can safely say that, in terms of skills, Rimuru has an advantage. Since becoming a Demon Lord, Rimuru can create any skill he needs for a situation, with the help of Raphael, Lord of Wisdom. He can also improve mid-fight due to this skill.

Is Rimuru Stronger Than Veldora with just this? Is it enough? The answer is no. While Rimuru holds a significant edge in having a lot of skills, Veldora is just too strong. It is the same case in both Strength and Magicules.

Also, Veldora has 2000 years of combat experience. His battle IQ is exceptionally high. As a True Dragon, Veldora has an immense amount of magicules, second only to the Star King Dragon, Veldanava. His True Dragon nature ensures that he cannot truly die which is just too much for Rimuru’s current level.

So to answer the question Is Rimuru Stronger Than Veldora? No, Veldora as a True Dragon is far stronger than Rimuru who just became a Demon lord.

Is Rimuru Stronger Than Veldora in Potential?

The question itself has the answer. We are already comparing a recently reincarnated slime with a dragon over 2000 years old. Rimuru has grown from a simple slime to a Demon Lord in less than two years which is a very terrifying growth rate. If given more time, it is guaranteed that Rimuru will surpass Veldora, and will become one of the strongest characters in the series.

So to answer the question Is Rimuru Stronger Than Veldora in Potential? Definitely, Rimuru will surpass Veldora.

To Sum Up

At the end of the day, Even if we compare Rimuru vs Veldora, both are friends in the series, which has been clear from the start. The ultimate skill “Veldora” which Rimuru has also suggests there is very little chance of them fighting each other. The series is also showcasing, Rimuru has tamed Veldora. So, as fans, we should appreciate their brotherhood and move past these hypothetical comparisons. Enjoy the story and the characters’ growth.

That’s it for this post. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please comment below. Your input helps us improve the quality of our content.

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