Why is Kagaya sick? Was He Strong Before?


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We Demon Slayer fans have many mysteries and unanswered questions in the Demon Slayer Universe. In such a universe of demons and breathing techniques, there is a mysterious family named Ubuyashiki. The head of this family, Kagaya Ubuyashiki, has neither the power of a demon nor can perform any breathing techniques. Still, he is leading the Demon Slayer Corps.

Who is Kagaya exactly? What gives him the authority to lead the Demon Slayer Corps? And why do all the Hashiras hold him in such high regard? Why is Kagaya sick? Was He Strong Before?

There are many questions, and this page will answer them all. Who will briefly learn about his background, learn about his sickness, and discuss his strengths. So stick with us as we uncover these mysteries.


SPOILER ALERT: This page will have heavy spoilers from the manga. So if you are following anime read it at your own risk

Why is Kagaya sick?

Who is Kagaya Ubuyashiki?

Kagaya Ubuyashiki is the 97th leader of the Demon Slayer Corps. In the series, he appears as a tall young man with fair skin and a scar on his face. He excludes a calm demeanor and an air of elegance. He is also the leader of the Ubuyashiki family. This family is responsible for governing and maintaining Demon Slayer Corps for over a millennia.

Kagaya Ubuyashiki’s mother and father died when he was little. He had to bear the responsibility from a very young age. He is married to Amane Ubuyashiki, and together they have five children named Hinaki, Nichika, Kiriya, Kanata, and Kuina. In the series, he is respectfully referred to as Oyakata-sama, which means “master.”

Kagaya was very fond of reading books and gaining knowledge during his childhood. This is the reason behind his effective strategies and good team management. He has very good tactical insight, which helped the demon slayers win many battles against the demons. He is also a very loving and caring leader.


Are Muzan and Kagaya Related?

Yes, Muzan and Kagaya are related. In chapter 137 of the Demon Slayer’s manga titled “Undying,” Muzan finds Kagaya’s location and goes to kill him. While talking to Muzan before his death Kagaya revealed that he was initially part of the Ubuyashiki family. This was before he turned into a demon more than 1000 years ago. So This makes Muzan Kibutsuji an ancestor of Kagaya Ubuyashiki.

Why is Kagaya Sick?

Kagaya Sick?

Kagaya’s sickness is directly related to Muzan becoming a demon. As discussed Muzan was originally part of the Ubuyashiki family. When he turned into a demon over 1,000 years ago, the Ubuyashiki family was cursed for giving birth to the original demon. This curse affects every member of the Ubuyashiki bloodline.

Symptoms of the Curse;

  • Every male descendant of the Ubuyashiki bloodline will be infected with an unknown disease and will die before 30 years of age.
  • Every female descendant of the Ubuyashiki bloodline will have to be married before they are 13 and change their surnames. Or else the curse will affect them as well.
  • The only way to lift the curse is to kill the Original Demon Muzan Kibutsuji

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Is Kagaya Ubuyashiki Strong?

Kagaya Ubuyashiki is not physically strong. This is due to the curse that afflicts his family. As he aged his body got weaker and weaker. He also lost his eyesight to this curse. Kagaya’s true strength comes from his exceptional leadership and strategic skills.

Kagaya’s presence has a calming effect on those around him. His voice is described as soothing and capable of calming down even the Hashiras. Tanjiro also mentioned the calming nature of Kagaya’s voice. Other than that Kagaya also inherited supernatural ability from his Ubuyashiki bloodline.

Kagaya can predict the future

“Foresight” is an inherited ability of Kagaya Ubuyashiki, which he got from his Ubuyashiki bloodline. Using this ability Kagaya can guess all the future provable events that are going to happen and make a plan according to that. For over a millennium, this ability of his has helped the Demon Slayer Corps to stay one step ahead of the demons.

For example, Kagaya predicted the final battle between the Demon Slayers and the demons long before it happened.

Why do all Hashiras Respect Him?

Kagaya Ubuyashiki, Is not a fighter and he didn’t mean to be. He knows that he is not strong enough to fight a Demon or perform any breathing techniques. He is fully aware that his body is weak and dying. So he learned from books and made himself knowledgeable. He built a tactical and analytical mind for himself to lead the demon slayers.

Kagaya’s calm and collected nature helps him to understand human emotion better. He is empathetic and caring towards his subordinates. He also helps everyone to stay strong during difficult times like when Mist Hashira lost his family. Overall, he is a very good leader, who understands his subordinates better. He even goes to the symmetry of demon slayers every day to respect their sacrifices.

Just like the relationship between a king and a knight, the king doesn’t need to be stronger than the knight to be respected. The King just needs to be a good leader and command the knights to be respected. Kagaya is a good leader. So all Hashiras respect him as a strong leader whom they can follow. Even in the end, he sacrificed himself and his family to give an advantage to demon slayers.

kagaya talking to muzan

In The End

Weak or strong, Kagaya Ubuyashiki played an important role in The Demon Slayer. He is one of the best well-written characters in the series. The character development of him was a delight to see. The sadness behind his smile and the pain behind his voice were very hard-touching.

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