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Welcome to Animetion Talk, the ultimate destination for anime fans worldwide! Animetion Talk serves as an international anime blog bringing the latest updates, reviews and analyses on your favorite shows and manga series from the blog authors Susil, and Sourav as they share their passion and knowledge of the medium with all our visitors.

Anime is a style of animation that originated in Japan and has since spread around the world and attracted an enormous fan base. Genres covered include action, romance, comedy, drama, and more. What sets anime apart from other forms of animation is its distinct visual style featuring exaggerated facial expressions, vivid colors, and intricate character designs andbackground details. Not only that, its storytelling can be highly immersive and emotionally compelling.

It has become a worldwide craze, with fans all around the world eagerly awaiting new releases and attending anime conventions to honor their favorite shows and characters. The popularity of anime has also led to the creation of many video games, merchandise, live-action adaptations, and AnimetionTalk.com.


Animetion Talk, we pride ourselves on providing our viewers with the latest news and updates from the animated world. Our aim is to keep you informed about everything related to Anime Series | Anime Movies | Animated Content | Manga or Manhwa | Anime Extras. Since the Animeverse is vast and ever-changing, we aim to stay informed and inform our viewers about all its latest news & happenings.

No matter your level of experience with anime, or just curious to explore its world, Animetion Talk is here for you. We offer in-depth insight and analyses of popular series and movies, everything from plot elements to character arcs – plus reviews to help you choose which series or movie to watch next.

Why the website’s name is Animetion Talk?

The name Animetion is derived from the combination of the words “anime” and “animation,” which reflects our focus on both these mediums. We don’t just focus on anime from Japan. We cover animated content from around the world including North America, Europe, and Asia. Our team is dedicated to exploring the best-animated content from every corner of the globe and bringing it to our viewers. The addition of “Talk” to our name signifies our intention to engage in conversations and discussions related to the world of animation. In Short, Anime + Animation + Talk = Animetion Talk

AnimetionTalk Authors

Susil Praharaj

Susil Praharaj

Susil, with seven years of experience in watching anime, has become something of an expert in the field. With an impressive list of anime shows under his belt, he has gained a deep understanding of the anime world. Susil is not only an avid watcher but also a manga enthusiast who enjoys reading manga and exploring fan theories. He has also created many fan theories of his own, which he’ll be sharing on the blog.

He’s seen so many anime that he’s struggled to find anything that truly excites him, so he’s turned to re-watching old favorites and diving deep into fan theories and analysis. Readers can look forward to exploring Susil’s thoughts on their favorite anime, as well as discovering new manga to read and explore.

Sourav Sahu Author

Sourav Sahu

On the other hand, Sourav may be new to the anime world, but his experience in developing and ranking websites since 2020 has given him the necessary skills to manage our blog efficiently. Although Sourav is new to anime, he has watched a variety of animated content from different parts of the world, giving him a unique perspective on the anime world. He is constantly exploring new anime shows and manga series, bringing fresh ideas and opinions to our blog.

Together, Susil and Sourav create a perfect balance of expertise and fresh perspectives on the anime world, making our blog an exciting and informative platform for all anime enthusiasts. Join us on our anime journey, and let’s explore the vast and exciting world of anime together.

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