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Anime Last Stand Codes:- If you are here, then you probably love anime and games. Imagine being able to play a game that is related to anime. Wouldn’t that be exciting for you? This combines the world of anime with gaming so that Animephiles can enjoy being their favorite character in the game.

Let’s jump into Anime Last Stand’s exciting world. Your favorite anime characters team up to battle massive threats. It does not matter if you are a pro player or just starting because redeeming codes in Anime Last Stand boosts your experience. This article provides you with the newest working codes that you can use to get exciting items. You can dominate battles with these special rewards!

Anime Last Stand Codes

Sub2Noclypso176k150 Emeralds and 3 Rerolls
NeelsTV250 Emeralds
Sub2BmGTormenter117onYT250 Emeralds
Sub2CodeNex77k150 Emeralds
QuickFixies1000 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls
SOLOPART2SOON?!1000 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls
Part1UPD!500 Emeralds and 5 Rerolls
ALSREVAMPSOON?750 Emeralds and 5 Rerolls
QOLUpdate2!500 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls
NEWUPD?!750 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls
HBDCaleB20241000 Emeralds and 15 Rerolls
SOLOLEVELING!750 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls
SOLOPREPARING!500 Emeralds and 5 Rerolls
X7Weekend!500 Emeralds and 5 Rerolls
ConverterFix?!750 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls
REDGATE?!750 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls
QOLUPD!750 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls
BannerFixed?500 Emeralds and 5 Rerolls
BugFixesTeehee1000 Emeralds and 5 Rerolls
CaleBTheHero500 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls
OPMUpdate500 Emeralds and 5 Rerolls
BossStudiosOnTop750 Emeralds and 5 Rerolls
DelayedUpdate750 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls
AriseWakeyWakey15 Rerolls
BossStudiosTakeover!1500 Emeralds, 15 Rerolls, and 15 Spirit Shards
ToTheFuture!!1500 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls
TorSavedALS750 Emeralds, 10 Rerolls, and 10 Spirit Shards
Update5!1000 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls
HappyEaster1000 Emeralds, 10 Spirit Shards, and 10 Rerolls
Sub2Shock150 Emeralds
Anime Last Stand Codes

Expired Codes for Anime Last Stand

  • TyFor10kFavREAL: Redeem for 500 Emeralds
  • Buff: Redeem for 500 Emeralds
  • RELEASE: Redeem for 1000 Emeralds
  • Sub2Blamspot524k: Redeem for 250 Emeralds
  • FinalDelay: Redeem for 300 Emeralds
  • SorryForDelay: Redeem for 500 Emeralds
  • TyFor1mVisitsPart2: Redeem for 2500 Emeralds and 25 Rerolls
  • TyFor1mVisitsPart1: Redeem for 1500 Emeralds
  • YammoRework: Redeem for 250 Emeralds
  • D1SGUISED: Redeem for 150 Emeralds
  • Sub2HotSauceHan: Redeem for a Kohan (Drip) Unit
  • ToadBoi120k: Redeem for a Gogata Unit
  • TheGoat: Redeem for a unit
  • ShenronFixImSorry: Redeem for 1.5k Emeralds and 15 Rerolls
  • SubToBlamSpotonYoutubeForShenron: Redeem for a Wish Dragon Unit
  • CongratsMrBeast1Billion: Redeem for a Mr. Beast Unit
  • LongMaitenanceLimitedCode: Redeem for 15 Rerolls
  • EraOfTheAdmirals: Redeem for 1000 Emeralds
  • BossStudio1stUpd: Redeem for 1000 Emeralds and 5 Rerolls
  • AdmiralsUPD: Redeem for 750 Emeralds

What is Anime Last Stand? And what are its codes?

Anime Last Stand is a thrilling Roblox game. You assemble squads of iconic anime characters and then you battle powerful enemies to protect your world. The game blends strategic gameplay with anime series characters. This creates an immersive adventure for fans. You can level up your characters and unlock new abilities. You also face challenging missions. It’s an engaging experience for anime and gaming fans.


Note:- The character names might not be same in order to avoid copyright issues.

Anime Last Stand Codes are special combinations of letters and numbers. The game developers release these codes so that you can redeem them for in-game rewards. These rewards include emeralds, rerolls, spirit shards, and even exclusive units.

  • Emeralds are the main currency for upgrades and purchases.

  • Rerolls let you try getting better stats or items.

You need to remember that the codes have time limits. Staying updated with the latest codes helps you maximize gameplay. You have to redeem the codes before it expires

How to Redeem Anime Last Stand Codes

How to Redeem Anime Last Stand Codes

Redeeming codes in Anime Last Stand is easy and quick. This step-by-step guide helps you get rewards:

  1. Launch Anime Last Stand on Roblox. You can find it on Roblox’s game page.
  2. Look for the “Codes” button on the screen’s left side.
  3. Click “Codes” to open a text box. Type or paste the code exactly as shown.
  4. After entering, click “Redeem.” If valid, you receive rewards immediately.

Enter codes precisely as given, including capitalization and punctuation. Codes are case-sensitive.

Where to Find New Codes for Anime Last Stand

Finding new Anime Last Stand codes keeps free rewards coming. Check these reliable sources for the latest:

  1. Official Game Channels:
    • Social Media: Follow official Anime Last Stand accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Developers share new codes during updates or events.
    • Discord: Join the official Discord server. A great place for codes, community interaction, and update/event news.
  2. Gaming Websites and Blogs:
    • Sites like AnimetionTalk update active code lists. These are reliable and provide redemption guides.
  3. Community Forums:
    • Check Reddit, where players share latest codes and tips. Roblox or Anime Last Stand subreddits help.
  4. YouTube:
    • Some YouTubers focus on Roblox games and post new code videos. Subscribe to stay updated.

Tips for Maximizing Your Rewards

Maximizing rewards in Anime Last Stand enhances your experience and helps progress faster. These detailed tips ensure you get the most from available codes and rewards:

  1. Redeem Codes Quickly: Redeem new codes as soon as released. Codes often expire or have limited uses. Redeeming quickly ensures you don’t miss rewards.
  2. Join the Game’s Community: Being part of the Anime Last Stand community on Discord and Reddit keeps you informed about new codes and updates. Members share tips, strategies, and exclusive codes you might not find elsewhere.
  3. Follow Official Channels: Follow the game’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Developers release exclusive codes during events, updates, or milestones. Enable notifications to never miss releases.
  4. Use Rewards Strategically: Plan your reward usage. Use emeralds to upgrade key characters for tough battles. Save rerolls improving important unit stats. Strategic use significantly impacts progression.
  5. Participate in Events: Take part in in-game events and challenges. These offer extra rewards complementing code rewards. Completing challenges provides more resources and exclusives.
  6. Combine Rewards: With multiple redeemable codes, combine for maximum benefit. Use rerolls during events with additional bonuses or emeralds when upgrades/items are discounted.


Anime Last Stand offers an exciting and immersive experience for anime and gaming fans. Using developer-provided codes significantly enhances gameplay.

Stay updated with reliable sources enjoying the Anime Last Stand adventure and building your ultimate team facing epic battles.

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