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Some of you might be new to the anime “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.” You might be wondering, when does Rimuru become A human? What is he? Is he a human or a slime? Well, Rimuru definitely started as a human but was reincarnated into a slime body. But why can he transform into a human? When did he get the power to do it?

In this post, we will address all your questions about how Rimuru, a slime, can become a human. And In which exact episode did he get a human body? We will discuss the background story behind his transformation and explore some spoilers from the light novel where he becomes a human again. So without further due let’s dive into the fascinating journey of Rimuru Tempest.

When Does Rimuru Become A Human

Who/What is Rimuru Exactly?

Starting from the beginning, Rimuru Tempest was originally a normal human in the real modern world, just like us. He was a Japanese guy named Satoru Mikami. The story begins when he meets an untimely death after being stabbed by a burglar In his abdomen. In his final moments, Rimuru was transported to a fantasy world, reincarnating as a slime.


During this process of reincarnation, all his dying wishes were granted by an unknown world voice. These wishes shaped his new appearance and abilities. For example, he wished for pain nullification, temperature resistance, and regeneration. Similarly, he was given a slime body for better execution of his skills.

So, for clarification, the Rimuru we see in the anime is a slime, not a human. Also, he became genderless after he changed into a slime. If you want to know more about his gender you can read Is Rimuru a Boy or Girl? What is Rimuru’s Gender?

When Does Rimuru Become A Human?

Rimuru with Shizu
Rimuru with Shizu

So if Rimuru we see in the anime is a slime, not a human, then how can we see him changing into a human? This is because of Rimuru’s unique skill, “Predator.” This skill allows Rimuru to absorb anything and transform into it.

In the series, Rimuru meets Shizu, another Japanese girl who has been transported to the same fantasy world during the world war time. They quickly became friends, but Shizu was dying due to a demon inside her named Ifrit. Rimuru helped her by defeating Ifrit and freed her from its control. However, Shizu’s life force was depleted too much and she knew she wouldn’t survive much longer. As her last wish, she asked Rimuru to absorb her so that she would not be absorbed by the world she hates.


Rimuru honored her request and absorbed her after her death. like that, he took on her appearance. After this event, Rimuru started using his human appearance for convenience, especially when visiting other nations and attending important meetings with different races. This transformation helped him interact more easily with others.

Exactly When does Rimuru Become A Human?

Rimuru absorbed Shizu’s dead body in “Inherited Will” episode 8, season 1 of “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” and got his human appearance.

Rimuru’s Return to Earth

Satoru Mikami or Rimuru
Satoru Mikami or Rimuru

At the end of the series, Rimuru becomes a human again when he returns to Earth. This significant event occurs far into the story, as the series nears its end. By this time, Rimuru had transformed into his final form “Ultimate Slime” and gained the ability to control time.

With this new skill, Rimuru can now travel back in time to correct mistakes he made. Using this ability, he goes back to the moment of Mikami Satoru’s death—his original human self in Japan. Rimuru changes the event by preventing his own death. Rimuru also gave some of his conscience to the Japanese human body.

And now Rimuru returns to being a human at the end of the series. This becomes the perfect end to the story “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”

To Sum it Up

It doesn’t matter whether Rimuru is a human or a slime. We love him for who he is. we fans love his attitude, his wholesomeness, his slightly humorous way of talking, everything. This is what makes Rimuru such a beloved character, not his appearance. We should enjoy the time while the series is ongoing and Rimuru is on our screens because it will be very sad when the series ends.

Rather than waiting for his transformation into a human, we should enjoy his journey. If you have any suggestions or thoughts, please share them in the comment box below. Your feedback helps us improve our content. Thank you!

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