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If you’re reading this, then you are probably a big fan of “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime,” just like me. And if you are a fan, then you have probably heard the absurd but funny question: Is Rimuru a Boy or Girl?

It is a question that is been asked and discussed countless times on online forums and discussion websites. As someone who is been following the anime/manga series for a while, I can say that “What gender is Rimuru” is a topic that sparks some absurd, funny, and intense debates among fans.

But why is his gender such a big deal? Well, for starters, Rimuru is a unique character. As a slime, Rimuru’s physical appearance isn’t typically associated with any specific gender. In today’s world, gender identity is not always equal to physical appearance. So, naturally, fans have been curious to know how Rimuru identifies in terms of gender.


In this blog post, we are going to explore the various factors that contribute to Rimuru’s gender identity. If you want to know my personal opinion, it is in the Conclusion part.

Is Rimuru a boy?

Is Rimuru a boy?

Is Rimuru a Boy? There are several reasons why Rimuru can be considered a male character: –

  • First and foremost, Rimuru is referred to as “He” and “Him” in the anime/manga is based on. Other characters in the series specifically refer to Rimuru using male pronouns, such as “he” and “him”. Damn… Even I realized that I have also referred to Rimuru as He and Him. Spoilers about my opinion!!!!!!!!!!! 😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️
  • Rimuru’s mindset is also typically portrayed as male, with the character showing excitement and interest in women in several scenes throughout the series.
  • Rimuru’s past life as a man is also relevant to his gender identity, as he is portrayed as having preserved the mindset of a man from his previous life.

Why Rimuru can be a girl – Female Rimuru

Why Rimuru can be a girl - Female Rimuru

There are some instances where Rimuru gender identity could be interpreted as female.

  • Rimuru’s appearance after he absorbed Shizue( he did this to grant her eternal peace, keeping his promise) includes some feminine features, which could lead to a different interpretation of the character’s gender identity.
  • There are some scenes in the manga where Rimuru is shown wearing feminine clothing. So, he doesn’t mind having feminine traits or clothes. I think It might be because Rimuru wanted to keep Shizue’s personality alive. As she is a girl, Rimuru has to maintain her identity
  • Gabota’s comment about Rimuru being “flat-chested” and he got offended could also be interpreted as a sign that Rimuru is a girl.

Rimuru Tempest Gender Identity – Is Rimuru a Girl?

As a reincarnated human, Rimuru’s gender identity is not solely defined by physical appearance. In fact, in the anime/manga series, Rimuru has expressed that they do not have a gender. This means that Rimuru does not identify as male, female, or any specific gender.


First, let me explain to you who is a gender-neutral character? Well, it means that Rimuru’s identity is not limited by societal expectations or gender norms. Rimuru is free to express themselves in whatever way feels authentic to them. As Rimuru is a slime and possesses limitless power, he can take any form, any gender. So if we consider that then Rimuru can shapeshift and can easily mimic any genitals.

When I think about Rimuru’s shapeshifting abilities, I can’t help but wonder…can he shapeshift into any animal or other species? I mean, he is a slime with shapeshifting abilities, so the possibilities are endless, right?

I guess it makes sense, though. Being able to shapeshift gives Rimuru more flexibility in any situation. I mean, if you can mimic any animal and can have…..Uhum……Uhummm…. Let me know what you think about this wild thought 😜😜

At the end of the day, Rimuru is a kind of open-minded, pure soul, and Gender Neutral who doesn’t care about his gender much, doesn’t discriminate, and has a helping nature. Whether you see them as male, female, or gender-neutral, what matters most is the impact that Rimuru has on the story and fans.

What Rimaru Thinks of Himself

Rimuru’s story is quite a ride! Before his unusual reincarnation as a slime, he was just an ordinary, unmarried guy who wished he had a girlfriend. But when he became a slime, something interesting happened. Even though he became genderless, his thoughts and feelings stayed pretty much the same.

You see, Rimuru still got all flustered around girls. For example, when he visited Dwargon, he couldn’t help but be amazed by the lovely elf girls. And when he turned into Shizue for a while, he blushed when he saw the adult version of her after shapeshifting.

It’s like Rimuru’s old self was still in there somewhere, even without a human body. These moments of blushing and fascination show that no matter what form we take, some things about us stay the same.

Fan’s View of What gender is Rimuru

Fan's View of What gender is Rimuru

I personally believe Rimuru gender identity is open to interpretation, and fans are free to view the character in whatever way they feel most comfortable. I have read many discussion forums and realized that fans have mixed responses.

Some appreciate the character’s gender-neutral identity and see it as a step forward in representation. For these fans, Rimuru’s gender is just one more reason to love and admire the character.

Some find Rimuru’s gender confusing or frustrating as they feel that the series is trying to be “edgy” or that the lack of a clear gender identity

But regardless of how fans feel about the gender of Rimiuru, it is clear that the character has sparked a lot of discussion and debate. This is an art form and it is meant to be thought-provoking and to challenge our beliefs.

Cultural Context and Deep Meaning

The concept of gender-neutral characters is still relatively new in popular media like anime. In many cultures around the world, gender has historically been viewed as a binary, you are either male or female but now, it is a kind of spectrum

Rimuru is just one example of this trend as this cultural shift can be seen in everything from the rise of LGBTQ+ rights movements to the increasing representation of non-binary characters in film and television.

The idea of gender-neutral characters is not okay for everyone. Seeing characters like Rimuru who do not fit into traditional gender roles can help to broaden our understanding

Is Rimuru a Boy by his Appearance?

Rimuru's Appearance

Alright, let us talk about Rimuru’s appearance to find out what gender is Rimuru. Everyone who has watched the anime knows that Rimuru is a slime. And if you’re not familiar with slimes, well…they don’t exactly have a set physical appearance. They are blobs of gooey goodness, constantly morphing and changing to fit their surroundings.

So, when it comes to Rimuru gender, physical appearance doesn’t factor into the equation. I mean, he is a slime, you cannot just look at him and say, “Yep, that’s a boy” or “That’s definitely a girl”

The creators have made it clear that Rimuru is a gender-neutral character. Rimuru is often referred to using gender-neutral pronouns, such as “they” or “it” in the manga. Without relying on physical appearance, viewers can form their own interpretation of Rimuru’s identity.

Some fans have their own opinions on the matter. Some fans prefer to use male pronouns when referring to Rimuru, while others prefer female pronouns. It is 2023 and it is important to note that gender identity is not defined by physical appearance.

My Opinion – Is Rimuru a Boy?

What Gender is Rimuru? Is Rimuru a Boy or a Girl? It is a complex and multifaceted topic that has generated much debate within the anime/manga community. In the series and manga, Rimuru represents a step forward in the representation of gender-neutral characters.

Now, what do I feel? Is Rimuru a Boy? Well, to be honest, Yes, I feel Rimuru is mentally a boy with a slime body, carrying enormous power. I think the evidence and instances support Rimuru being a boy, gender neutral physically with an open mind and he doesn’t mind having feminine traits and clothes. Even though the majority of facts support Rimuru being a gender-neutral character, my take is different

It is important to remember that representation matters regardless of how you feel about Rimuru’s gender identity. By including characters like Rimuru who don’t fit into traditional gender roles, we are helping to create a more inclusive and accepting world.

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