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Eren and Mikasa’s relationship is one of the most important and beloved aspects of Attack on Titan. From their childhood connection to their shared trauma and tragic ending, Eren and Mikasa’s bond has been able to drive much of the series’ emotional weight.

As we dive deeper into the 7 facts about their relationship, it becomes clear just how integral Eren and Mikasa’s dynamic is to the larger narrative of Attack on Titan.

spoiler alert: This article will contain spoilers


1. Eren Saved Mikasa From Human Traffickers

Of all the moments that define Eren and Mikasa’s relationship, their childhood connection is perhaps the most significant. Eren saved Mikasa from human traffickers in their first meeting. Eren also encouraged Mikasa to take the initiative, which gave Mikasa the courage to stab one of the kidnappers.

As children, Eren and Mikasa come from vastly different backgrounds. Eren is a passionate and impulsive boy who wants to explore the world beyond the walls of their city, while Mikasa is a quiet child who has already experienced unimaginable trauma. Eren rescues Mikasa from the kidnappers who have murdered her parents and taken her captive. This gave Mikasa a purpose to repay Eran’s kindness by protecting him from any harm

From that moment on, Eren becomes Mikasa’s “family,” and she swears to protect him no matter what. This promise, made in childhood, shapes both of their lives and informs much of their actions throughout the series.

2. Eren’s Protective Nature Towards Mikasa and Vice Versa

Eren And Mikasa

One of the most defining aspects of Eren and Mikasa’s relationship is Eren’s protectiveness towards Mikasa and vice versa. For instance during the Battle of Trost, when Eren transforms into a Titan and is barely conscious. Still, he protected Mikasa from a Titan, who was about to attack her. From their childhood days to the end of the series, we can see Eren has tried to keep Mikasa away from battles and dangers.


Likewise, Mikasa’s protectiveness of Eren is born out of her love and devotion to him. She sees Eren as her family. She is fiercely loyal to him and has been known to put her life on the line to protect him when necessary. For example, Mikasa saved Eren with the help of the scouts after he was captured by Reiner & Bertholdt.

Their mutual protectiveness is a key component of their relationship, and it highlights the depth of their bond.

3. Eren And Mikasa’s Shared Trauma

Eren and Mikasa’s relationship is built on a foundation of shared trauma, which creates a deep and unbreakable bond between them. From the moment they witness the death of Eren’s mother at the hands of a Titan, their lives are forever changed.

As the series progresses Eren and Mikasa continue to share traumatic experiences. For example, when they join the Survey Corps, they witness the brutal deaths of their fellow soldiers and are forced to confront their own mortality on a daily basis.

This shared trauma deepens their bond, as they lean on each other for support and comfort while facing the horrors of the Titans. The experiences they have endured together have shaped their relationship, and have made them stronger and more resilient.

4. Eren Changed Along The Way

eren changed

Throughout the series, Eren undergoes a significant change in his personality and beliefs. At the beginning of the story, he is a passionate but somewhat naive young man who is driven by a desire to protect his loved ones and destroy the Titans. However, as he faces more and more difficult challenges, he begins to adopt a more ruthless way to get things done.

For example, when he discovers the truth about his father’s past and the hidden history of the Titans, he becomes consumed with a desire for revenge against the Marleyans. This ended in killing 80% of the population on earth by Eren.

This change in Eren’s personality and beliefs has a significant impact on Mikasa. As Eren becomes more ruthless and single-minded in his pursuit of his goals, he begins to distance himself from his friends and loved ones, including Mikasa. As she struggles to reconcile the kind and compassionate Eren she once knew with the cold and ruthless warrior he has become.

5. Mikasa Didn’t Realize Her Feelings toward Eren

Eren and Mikasa’s relationship has always been complex. After the traumatic event in her home, where her parents were murdered and she was nearly killed, she develops a deep connection to Eren. At first, she believes that her feelings are purely familial and that she views Eren as a brother or a protector.

This is evident when Eren asks Mikasa about her feelings for him directly, and she responds by saying that she loves him like family. Throughout the manga, there are several instances where Mikasa’s feelings toward Eren become more obvious. For example, when she sees Eren and Historia together, she becomes visibly jealous. She also develops a strong dislike for Levi after he physically abuses Eren during training.

Over time, Mikasa’s feelings towards Eren begin to shift. She becomes more protective of him and more attuned to his emotions. Despite this, Mikasa still struggles to identify her own feelings toward Eren

6. Eren’s Confession

Eren's confession

As the series progresses, it becomes increasingly clear that Eren and Mikasa are in love. However, it’s not until Eren’s confession in the other world with Armin that the full extent of his feelings becomes clear.

During their conversation, Armin jokes about Mikasa moving on from Eren and finding another man. This provokes Eren to break down and reveal his true feelings about Mikasa. He tells Armin that he doesn’t want Mikasa to forget about him, and the thought of her finding someone else and moving on makes him cry even more.

Despite Armin’s surprise at Eren’s confession, Eren makes it clear that he doesn’t want to hurt Mikasa by rejecting her feelings for him. Instead, he wants her to have feelings only for him, even after his death. This confession is significant because it confirms what many fans had suspected for a long time: that Eren and Mikasa love each other deeply.

7. Mikasa killed Eren

eren death

The confrontation between Eren and Mikasa in chapter 138 of Attack on Titan was one of the most shocking moments in the manga’s history. After years of fighting side by side, Mikasa was forced to confront Eren in a battle that would determine the fate of the world.

As the battle raged on, Armin’s Colossal Titan blocked Eren’s movements, while Mikasa and Levi worked together to create an opening that would allow them to strike the killing blow. In a moment of desperation, Mikasa charged toward Eren and entered his mouth, determined to end the conflict once and for all.

What followed was a heartbreaking scene that demonstrated Mikasa’s deep love for Eren. As she beheaded him, she also kissed him, a poignant moment that demonstrated the depth of their relationship.

In The End

The relationship between Eren and Mikasa in Attack on Titan is a complex and emotionally charged one. From the very beginning, it was clear that there was a strong bond between them. Mikasa’s decision to kill Eren was a tragic but necessary act that demonstrated the depth of her love for him.

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