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During this amazing series for more than two decades, the identity of Luffy’s parents is still a mystery to many. Join us in the heart of “Luffy’s Parents Wiki” as we gather clues, dissect fan theories, and follow the breadcrumbs left by Eiichiro Oda himself.

From the mysterious “Will of D.” to the uncharted waters of the Grand Line, Luffy’s lineage is an integral part of the One Piece tapestry. Let’s find out the most discussed questions related to Luffy’s parents in this article.

As we know Oda is the “God of Foreshadowing”. There is no doubt many details Oda hasn’t revealed yet but hinted at along the way. In this article, we will discuss the facts and most possible theories related to “Who is Luffy’s Mom And Dad?”.


Who Is Luffy’s Dad?

Who Is Luffy's Dad?

Luffy’s Dad is the enigmatic Monkey D. Dragon, a key figure of the “Will of D” clan. He is shown to be an infamous leader of the Revolutionary Army in the series. whose main goal is to overthrow the oppressive World Government and its power abuse.

Background and Goals:

Choosing a path divergent from his Marine father, Dragon seeks revolutionary change. Unlike his father who is a marine in the world government, Luffy’s Dad chooses the thorny path to help people who are suffering World Government. In a grand scheme, we can say that his goal is similar to our protagonist Luffy.

Father-Son Connection:


The connection between Luffy and Dragon begins in Loguetown, where Dragon saves Luffy’s life during his execution. Luffy remains unaware of his father’s identity, a truth that’s been concealed by his grandfather, Monkey D. Garp.

Who Is Luffy’s Mom?

Who Is Luffy's Mom?

“Who is Luffy’s mom?” is still one of the Many questions in the One Piece universe that has not been revealed yet. Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, has deliberately kept this fact unknown.

A Blank Canvas: The Absence of Information

In contrast to the many details provided about various characters throughout the series, Who is Luffy’s mom? is still an unanswered question. Oda deliberately chooses to keep Luffy’s Mom hidden. which can mean two things. The first one is that he is not interested in Luffy’s Mom’s identity reveal. Another one is that he is trying to give a very big surprise by revealing some crazy twists in the upcoming story.

Theories and Speculations:

Numerous theories have arisen in the fan community regarding Luffy’s mom. Some speculate that his mother might be a relative of the previous king of the pirates Gol D. Roger. Because of his very similar characteristics to the Gol D. Roger. Others propose characters like Nico Robin’s aunt, or even a character yet to be introduced.

What Is The Relationship Luffy Has With Gold D. Roger?

The connection between Monkey D. Luffy and Gol D. Roger, also known as Gold Roger, is not physical. While the two characters never meet directly, They show a very keen resemblance to each other, whether in their cheerful nature or their dream to become free.

A Shared Dream:

Gol D. Roger was the legendary Pirate King, the only person known to have reached the end of the Grand Line and discovered the fabled treasure, One Piece. His journey inspired countless individuals, including Luffy, to set sail and chase their dreams on the high seas.

The Inherited Will:

Luffy’s aspiration to become the Pirate King was born from his fascination with Roger’s journey. Roger’s final words, revealing the existence of One Piece and the notion of “inherited will,” became a catalyst for Luffy’s journey. Luffy sees himself as the inheritor of Roger’s legacy, driven by the desire to fulfill Roger’s unfinished dream.

Parallels and Symbolism: Echoes of the Past

Throughout the series, subtle parallels between Luffy and Roger are drawn. Both possess an innate ability to attract allies and form strong bonds with their crew members. Even the places they visited are similar, while we know that there are different routes in the grand line. The reckless behavior, cheerful nature as well and desire for freedom and adventure are very similar.

Is It Possible That Gold D. Roger is the Father of Luffy?

While the idea of Gol D. Roger being Luffy’s Dad is intriguing, it’s important to consider the timeline and established facts within the One Piece universe. Unfortunately, this theory faces a significant obstacle: the timing of Gol D. Roger’s death and Luffy’s birth.

The Timing Conundrum: Roger’s Death and Luffy’s Birth

Gol D. Roger’s execution, marking the end of the Pirate King’s era, occurred approximately 24 years before the present events of the series. In contrast, Luffy is currently in his late teens, meaning he was born well after Roger’s death. This chronological gap presents a logical barrier to the theory that Roger could be Luffy’s biological father.

Oda’s Meticulous Storytelling: A Narrative Consistency

Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, is very attentive to the details he reveals to make the story flawless. So it is very unlikely that he will change the facts for the sake of a dramatic twist. It is for the batter because he has already revealed his father As Dragon.

Who Is Luffy’s Grandpa?

Who Is Luffy's Grandpa?

Monkey D. Garp, often referred to simply as Garp The Hero, is the beloved grandfather of Monkey D. Luffy and a prominent figure in the One Piece series. As a Marine Vice Admiral, Garp has left an indelible mark on both the world of pirates and the marine organization.

A Marine Legacy

Garp is a Marine who works for the world government. He is also known as the “Hero of the Marines,” he’s renowned for his fierce combat skills and his strong sense of Justice. Although a Marine he refuses to become a slave of the world government, which can be clearly seen by his refusal to become an Admiral Despite having skills.

Father and Grandfather: A Balancing Act

Garp’s relationship with his son, Dragon, is marked by differing ideologies. While Garp remained loyal to the World Government and Marines, Dragon chose the path of revolution and rebellion. which caused a very uncomfortable situation for Garp having His son as an Enemy.

Luffy’s Upbringing:

For various unknown Reasons, Garp took on the role of raising his grandson. Despite Garp’s repeated efforts to make Luffy a marine, Luffy chose to Go the path Shanks took. Still, Garp’s unorthodox methods of training made Luffy stronger in the initial days.

List Of Father Like Figures for Luffy;

Throughout his epic journey, Monkey D. Luffy has seen his real father once. This shows Luffy’s growth has little to do with his biological father. Fortunately, Luffy had many father-like figures who played vital roles in his growth,

Monkey D. Garp: Luffy’s grandfather and a Marine Vice Admiral. Garp’s tough love and unorthodox training have instilled in Luffy a strong sense of justice and resilience. Despite their differing paths, Garp’s pride in Luffy’s achievements is undeniable.

Red-Haired Shanks: The captain of the Red-Haired Pirates and one of Luffy’s greatest inspirations. Shanks’ impact on Luffy extends beyond their short meeting as children. Shanks even gave his one arm to save Luffy from a Sea monster at the beginning of the series.

Silvers Rayleigh: A former member of the Roger Pirates and a mentor during Luffy’s two-year training period. Rayleigh saw the picture of the former king of the pirates in Luffy. So he tried to teach Luffy Haki and helped him to carry the Pirate King’s legacy.


While we still don’t know who is Luffy’s mom? In this article, we have answered some big questions related to Luffy’s parents and explored some fan theories. It’s clear that Eiichiro Oda, the creator, wants to keep it a secret. As for the idea of Gol D. Roger being Luffy’s dad, the timeline doesn’t match up, so it’s unlikely.

Luffy’s relationship with his Grandpa Garp is strong. Figures like Shanks and Rayleigh have also been like father figures, helping Luffy on his journey. Even though we don’t know about Luffy’s mom, the people who have influenced him have made a big impact.

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