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The story in My Hero Academia manga is becoming more intense and shocking with each passing chapter. As the chapters of the final battle between Izuku Midoriya (Deku) and Tomura Shigaraki are getting released, fans are getting more and more excited. Recently, a viral image showing Deku with his severely damaged arms has been circulating online. This is making a lot of fans uncomfortable.

For those who are up-to-date with the manga, and want to know what comes next, you are in the right place. However, if you’re unsure about the current situation and wonder, Does Deku lose his arms?—then you’re also in the right place. This article will clear up any confusion and explain the recent events going on in the manga. Especially all the questions related to the viral image of Deku without his arms.

Does Deku Lose His Arms

Deku vs Shigaraki; The Final Fight

In the Manga Chapters 410-419 of My Hero Academia, the battle between Deku and Shigaraki is at its peak. It is clear that Shigaraki Is one of the strongest characters in the series right now and is also a Major antagonist. Naturally, the stakes are so high that if heroes lose this fight the entire planet may get destroyed. Deku, on the other hand, is straining his physical body to its limits, just to counter Shigaraki’s monstrous abilities.


For a last-ditch effort, Deku decides to sacrifice all his ‘All For One’ quirks. He plans to transfer all the quirks of his previous One For All users to the Vestige world of Shigaraki’s mind. When Shigaraki’s vestige world gets overwhelmed, Deku will use this chance to enter the vestige world and stop him. At this point, Deku’s hands were severely damaged and barely held together by his Blackwhip quirk. As always Deku did not care about his hands and pressed on.

After an intense battle, Izuku manages to transfer all the quirks to Shigaraki. This gives him a brief window to enter Shigaraki’s vestige world. Inside this realm, Deku attempts to convince Shigaraki to abandon his destructive path. However, Deku’s plan did not succeed because of All For One’s entry. Sadly Deku sacrificed his quirks for nothing.

All For One Was the Mastermind All Along

All For One

A closed chapter reopens when the dead All For One Spiritual body comes back to life inside Shigaraki’s vestige world. All For One reveals that he has been controlling Shigaraki all along. Every major event in Shigaraki’s life, from his birth to receiving the quirk “Decay” was planned by All For One. He even made sure that Shigaraki would Kill his family and fall into despair.

All For One’s manipulation began long before Shigaraki’s birth. He convinced Shigaraki’s father to have another child. Then he transferred the deadly quirk, Decay to the child. All For One ensured that Shigaraki would kill his family, so he could easily manipulate him using child Shigaraki’s unstable mental state.


As the truth is revealed, Shigaraki struggles to cope with the weight of this manipulation. He realized that his entire life was a lie and controlled by All For One. Listening to this, he lost his motivation to live. Because the ideal he was fighting for was never his, to begin with. This was the perfect time for All For One’s spiritual essence to take control of Shigaraki’s physical body.

Does Deku Lose His Arms?

Yes, Deku does lose his arms. It was in the 419th chapter of My Hero Academia manga titled “Design” when Deku was convincing Shigaraki to change in the Vestige World. After entering into the vestige world, Deku saw Shigaraki’s house which he used to live in, when he was a child. When Deku was about to ring the doorbell he was opposed by Shigaraki’s friends. After defeating all of them Deku enters Shigaraki’s house.

Inside the house, Deku finds young Shigaraki, about to use his quirk “Decay” on his family. Deku realizes that this is an important moment in Sheigaraki’s life, which changes Shigaraki into a villain. He immediately intervenes by holding Shigaraki’s hands, trying desperately to stop him while persuading him to change. While he was holding Shigaraki’s hands, Deku’s arms started to disintegrate slowly. Because the “Decay quirk” was affecting his arms.

Shigaraki using Decay

Just as Deku was on the verge of succeeding, All For One intervened and seized control of Shigaraki’s body. This interference not only causes Deku to lose his arms entirely but also results in him losing access to all the One For All quirks​.

Will Deku Get His Arms Back?

Yes, Deku does get his arms back in the My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 420 titled “From Aizawa“. While the intense final fight between Deku and Shigaraki was going on, Aizawa, Hizashi, and Kurogiri were trapped in an ice glacier. There Kurogiri begins to regain memories of his friends, Aizawa and Hizashi, and decides to assist the heroes using his teleportation quirk.

While Deku lost his arms in the battle and was sitting on the ground handles we saw a portal opening in the background, and Shota Aizawa (Eraser Head) coming out of it. Aizawa bought Eri’s broken horn with him. Using the horn, Aizawa pierced it into Deku’s shoulder, and then Deku regenerated his arms due to Eri’s Rewind quirk.

Just like Captain America getting support from the teleported heroes in the movie Avengers’s Endgame, all remaining heroes get teleported one by one to Deku’s location using the Teleportation portal created by Kurogiri. This is when the final fight starts.

At The End

The plot in My Hero Academia manga Is going crazy over its storyline. We fans seriously cannot predict what is going to happen next. This is giving us the edge of the seat experience. It’s like we’re getting, a new twist in every new chapter of the manga. The My Hero Academia Manga is clearly preparing to end its run. Up until now, it has done a very good job at it.

Whatever is going to happen in the manga, we fans are going to enjoy it. We just hope that our fans’ favorite protagonist gets a good ending and the manga ends on a good note. That’s it for this page. If you have any suggestions to improve our post, please write them below in the comments. Your feedback helps us improve our content. thank you.

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