Does Bakugo Die in My Hero Academia?



Welcome My Hero Academia fans to a new article, and a new question Does Bakugo Die? Who does not know Bakugo in My Hero Academia. A child who was bullying weak Deku in his childhood is now a fan-favorite character. With one of the best character developments in the series, Bakugo has transformed Into a grown-up lad, who takes responsibility.

It is to the point that we fans do not want to lose him. However, we might have to see him go. In the Final War Arc of manga, Bakugo and a team of heroes were engaged in an intense fight with Shigaraki. The aftermath of this battle was not so pretty to watch. The fight went to such an extreme point that, saying Bakugo’s injuries are life-threatening, would be an understatement.

A lot of things have happened in the manga but this post particularly will focus on the question does Bakugo die? We will discuss how the situation got so serious in the manga. and do we have to see our favorite character die?

Does Bakugo Die

Bakugo’s Fight With Shigaraki

In the Final War Arc, Bakugo and a group of heroes fought with Shigaraki and The League of Villains. Up to this point, Shigaraki had already grown too strong for the heroes to handle. Mainly due to Deku was busy fighting All For One and could not help them. So the heroes were desperately trying to stop Shigaraki. Despite this, Bakugo remained calm and confident. He stepped up to fight Shigaraki with his ultimate weapon, Strafe Panzer.

At this point, Bakugo was wearing his winter suit to maximize his sweat output for the fight and enhance his explosive power. However, all his best gears and weapons did nothing to Shigaraki. Bakugo was utterly defeated by him.

Not only that Shigaraki also destroyed Bakugo’s weapon, Strafe Panzer, and heavily injured Bakugo in the process. Due to this fight, Bakugo’s right arm was crushed, and the entire right half of his body was severely wounded. His face also suffered burns, and because of this Baku was unable to use his right eye.

Heavily injuried Bakugo

Bakugo Sort of Got a Quirk Awakening

With heavy injuries on his right side and a broken arm, Bakugo was unable to stand up. He was just lying on the ground, struggling to recover. To protect him from Shigaraki, the Big Three (Mirio Togata, Tamaki Amajiki, and Nejire Hado) intervened. They managed to stall Shigaraki for a little time. However, after just a few exchanges, it quickly became clear that they were no match for Shigaraki.


In this dire situation, heavily injured Bakugo stood up and gathered his strength to fight once more. At this point, Bakugo sort of got a Quirk Awakening. He didn’t know that the Cluster technique he had been using had a side effect.

Because of the side effect he had accumulated multiple spheres of sweat throughout his body. Which Bakugo used to generate an explosive burst of speed. even Shigaraki was not able to cope with his speed. His speed got Shigaraki more irritated because it was similar to One For All’s 2nd Quirk Gearshift. So he started fighting more seriously.

Shigaraki Punctured Bakugo’s Heart

In the manga chapter 362, something tragic happened. Although Bakugo got this explosive speed, his body was under a massive strain. Despite the strain on his body he managed to corner Shigaraki for a brief moment. However that did not last long, Shigaraki managed to land a devastating punch to Bakugo’s chest and punctured his heart.

Lifeless bakugo

The scene then shifted to Bakugo’s lifeless, bloody body lying on the ground. Best Jeanist desperately screams that Bakugo’s heart has stopped beating​. With this, it seemed like Bakugo died there.

Does Bakugo Die?

Fortunately, Bakugo did not die. In the later chapters, we learn that Edgeshot managed to provide emergency aid to Bakugo. Using his quirk “Foldabody,” Edgeshot gave CPR to Bakugo’s heart and tried to patch Bakugo up at the same time.

To save Bakugo’s life, Edgeshot had to use his ultimate move: Zenith. Using this he used a significant amount of his own body mass to repair Bakugo’s heart. Basically, Edgeshot was sacrificing himself to save Bakugo’s life.

Edgeshot Also Barely Survived

In Chapter 404 of the My Hero Academia manga, we get to know that Edgeshot is still alive. But he lost a lot of body mass and has shrunk to a small size. During a conversation with Bakugo, Edgeshot explains that he managed to delay Bakugo’s death but could not fully prevent it. Bakugo survived because of his own luck

Ninja Hero Edgeshot in smaller form

Edgeshot reveals that Bakugo’s sweat, which contains explosive properties, entered his bloodstream. This Helped him kickstart Bakugo’s heart.

To Sum It Up

Bakugo has come a long way since his childhood days as a bully. It would have been a waste to let such a character die. In the end, Bakugo became the one who fought All For One and saved All Might. The child who once admired the number one hero, All Might, ultimately saved him from certain death. This is undoubtedly one of the best character developments in My Hero Academia.

We should thank the creators for bringing Bakugo back from the brink of death. Otherwise, his end would have been tragic. That’s it for this page. If you have any suggestions, please write them in the comment box below. Your feedback helps us improve our content. Thank you.

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