Is Gojo Black? What is Gojo’s race?


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Gojo Satoru is an important and one of the most loved characters from the anime and manga Jujutsu Kaisen. The creator is Gege Akutami. Gojo is powerful and has a cool look with white hair, a blindfold, and an interesting personality. He is a top Jujutsu sorcerer and teacher at Tokyo Jujutsu High.

Fans love his style and aura. Recently, people started searching weird terms like, “Is Gojo Satoru Black?” When I first saw this term, it was literally weird for me. I mean, isn’t it obvious that Gojo Satoru is an Japanese white man? I mean, I can see that on screen but later I found out that this question is a joke that gained significant attention and led to various online discussions, memes, and viral TikTok videos​

Origin of the joke

I researched about this and tried to find the origin of the joke. As of my research the oldest mention of this joke I found is on Reddit by the user getrect101 on r/Jujutsufolk. The joke started on Reddit. A user asked if Gojo could be Black as a funny question.


Then, someone wrote about it on Medium as a joke. The Medium article talked about parts of Gojo’s design. It said his glossy lips, which are rare in anime. It could connect to beauty trends in Black communities. The article joked about how Gojo ties his bandages too.

As you can see in the graph, the Reddit post and Medium article made the joke spread fast. Even though there might have been some discussion about this before the Reddit and medium posts, it seems both platforms gave the boost to this joke. Fans created their own jokes and memes about Gojo maybe being Black. The jokes became popular on social media platforms like TikTok as well

Is Gojo Black? What is Gojo's race?
Credit:- NikoSuavey (Reddit)

Is Gojo Black? – Reddit

A Reddit user(getrect101) had a funny idea about Gojo Satoru’s skin and powers. They joked that Gojo’s tight black shirt wasn’t really a shirt. It’s his beautiful dark skin. The theory says Gojo’s Limitless power refracts light to make him look light-skinned. But he hides his true skin color due to racism against himself.

The Reddit post also joked about Gojo’s fight with Miguel in Jujutsu Kaisen 0. It said Gojo recruited Miguel to train Yuta because Gojo sees Miguel as a “no-good baboon” who should help the white man. This silly explanation adds humor to the theory.


At the end, the theory talks about Gojo’s “Unlimited Hollow Technique.” As a joke, it says this move involves Gojo saying a racist word. That lets him overpower Sukuna’s Cursed Technique and defeat Sukuna as Sukuna cannot say that word.

Is Gojo Black? – Medium

Now, after the release of the Reddit post, a Medium post was published which popularised the joke a bit. It is because whenever someone searches “Is Gojo Black?”, the medium post pops up. It humorously suggests Gojo Satoru is Black. It starts by saying the post is just for fun and not serious. Then it analyzes parts of Gojo’s design in an exaggerated, satirical way.

The post jokes that Gojo’s glossy lips show he’s Black. Glossy lips highlighted in anime connect to beauty trends popular in Black communities. So his lips may celebrate diversity.

It also discusses how Gojo ties his bandages. The joke is that he ties them like durags in Black culture. Durags started for hairstyles but became symbols of pride. So Gojo’s bandages could represent Black culture too.

The essay makes fun of the idea that Gojo’s fight with Miguel was about race. It shows the fight was just playful banter between them. It highlights how Gojo respects Miguel’s strength. This makes their encounter more intense. The essay suggests their battle was about mutual respect, not racial tension.

The post also jokes that Gojo being skilled at basketball supports the idea of him being Black. This plays on the stereotype that Black people are often good at basketball.

Note:- Both articles are satirical and written in a humorous way

TikTok and Usher’s Involvement

TikTok and Usher's Involvement

A famous singer, Usher, posted a TikTok video dressed as Gojo Satoru. In the video, Usher wore a black turtleneck and blindfold like Gojo’s look. Usher did Gojo’s “Unlimited Void” move from the anime. This unexpected cosplay made the meme even more popular with fans.

Usher’s viral video started more talks and memes. People joked about cultural links in Gojo’s design. Videos used Usher’s song “Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home).” This connected Gojo to the music in a fun way. Fans used humor to enjoy their favorite character and story.

Fan Reactions

Many fans reacted to the joke about Gojo Satoru’s ethnicity. On Reddit, people joined the fun debate. They shared their own theories and memes. This showed the creativity and community within the fandom.

On TikTok, the joke became a viral trend. Many users made videos referencing the original Reddit and Medium posts. Fans shared their own takes on the joke. The videos helped the meme grow popular.

Fan art and comments also showed the community’s involvement. Artists drew Gojo as Black in humorous ways. Commenters added witty remarks to join the joke. This creative response showed how memes can bring fans together.


The “Is Gojo Black?” question started as a Reddit and Medium joke. It quickly became a viral meme on platforms like TikTok. The spread highlighted humor and creativity in online groups. It showed how fans can engage with characters in entertaining new ways.

Memes are powerful communication tools today. They create communities and shape opinions. They allow self-expression too. The Gojo meme is a prime example of how a simple joke can become a widespread cultural event.

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