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Anime Defenders Trello and Discord Links:- You enter an exciting world where anime characters come to life in Anime Defenders. It is an amazing Roblox game. In this game, waves of enemies attack your base. You must defend it by summoning iconic anime heroes from popular shows. Each hero has special powers to help stop the enemies.

It combines a strategy with intense action and excitement and that is why Anime Defenders offers an engaging experience. You decide which heroes to call upon and how to use their abilities. The game is fun for new players and experienced ones.

What is Anime Defenders

Anime Defenders lets you play a tower defense game on Roblox. The game features anime characters from various popular shows. You position these heroes around your base and an enemy force tries to destroy your base by attacking in waves.


Each hero you summon has unique abilities to battle the enemies. As you keep playing, you level up heroes by making them stronger. Also, you unlock new heroes to call for help. The challenges become harder but more rewarding when you win. It takes good planning and fast action to succeed.

Official Link:- https://www.roblox.com/games/17017769292/Anime-Defenders-RAIDS

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What are and Importance of Trello Links

Trello links provide helpful online guides about Anime Defenders. The links lead to boards full of key information. You can learn all about gameplay mechanics, recent updates, stats for different heroes, and more.


If you view Trello boards, then it keeps you up-to-date on the latest changes and news. You can also discover tactics and tips shared by other players in the game’s community. You can also find exclusive game codes that provide in-game rewards like gems and special units.

Anime Defenders Trello Board Link

Anime Defenders Trello Board Link

As of my research, the creators of Anime Defenders have not released an official Trello board yet(You can check their X( formerly Twitter) handle). But players are looking forward to its launch. But after some more research, I got to know that there is a boom in the trend for Anime Defenders Trello Board. When I checked, I found a Trello board link 👇

Here is the link:- https://trello.com/b/ldVSsZH7/anime-defenders-trello-board-zaumesrblx

This Anime Defenders Trello board has recently been released(On 28-29 May 2024, I guess). I am not sure if it is official or not but yes, the board provides everything that an official Trello should provide

After the release of the Anime Defenders Trello board, many users found these helpful features:

  • Step-by-step guides explaining the basics for new players just starting out.
  • Full stats and ability details on every playable hero unit so you can decide which ones to use.
  • Advanced strategy tips and advice from experienced players and the game’s developers.
  • Announcements on upcoming special events, challenges, and other new things happening in the game.

How to Access the Trello Board

We instantly added the Trello link when the Trello board went live. I want to mention again that even though I am not sure whether the Trello board is official or not, it is still very helpful. This Trello link can make the entire Anime Defenders experience better by putting all the key information together in one easy-to-access place.

We will instantly update the article once we get the confirmation of the official link. If the link provided in our article is official, then we will explicitly mention that it is an official link otherwise not. You can regularly visit our site to check if the Trello board link has been changed or not. But still, if you want to check for official sources then you can follow this:-

  1. Check the game’s official social media accounts like Twitter or their Discord server. The creators will announce the Trello board’s release there.
  2. The announcement will provide a direct link you can click to go straight to the Trello board
  3. Bookmark that Trello link in your internet browser for easy access anytime.
  4. When viewing the Trello board, you’ll see different sections laid out with cards containing varying details like hero stats, gameplay guides, and a log of all past updates.

Anime Defenders Discord server

Anime Defenders Discord server Link

The Anime Defenders Discord server connects players with the community. It also keeps you updated on the latest game news and changes. Discord servers allow real-time communication, support, and direct updates from the game’s creators.

Joining the Discord server offers several key benefits:

  • You get the latest updates, patch notes, and event announcements as soon as they happen.
  • You can interact with other players, share strategies, and get advice from the community.
  • You participate in discussions and provide feedback directly to the developers.
  • You gain access to exclusive content, sneak peeks, and special Discord-only events.

How to join Anime Defenders Discord server

It’s easy to join the Anime Defenders Discord server:

  1. Create a free Discord account if you don’t have one already at Discord.com.
  2. Download the Discord app on your mobile device or computer for the best experience.
  3. Use the invite link shared by the developer:- https://discord.com/invite/defenders
  4. Some servers require verifying your account. Follow any instructions provided to get full access.
  5. Once inside, explore different channels like #announcements, #updates, and #general-chat to stay informed.

NOTE:- Anime Defenders Wiki Link is Not available yet


Anime Defenders delivers an exciting experience blending tower defense gameplay with iconic anime heroes. As you progress, the Trello board and Discord server become useful resources. The Trello provides detailed guides, updates, and strategies.

The Discord connects you with the community and developers through real-time communication. Watch for official announcements revealing when you can access and join them.

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