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Who is Hibari One Piece? One Piece, a popular manga and anime series, has charmed fans worldwide with its vast world-building, exciting characters, and epic storylines. New characters are adding depth and intrigue to the already rich and vast One Piece universe. Today we are going to explore a new character named Hibari. She was just introduced as a Marine Commando in One Piece Manga — Vol. 105 Chapter 1061.

In this article, we discuss some fan theories related to Hibari from One Piece that might come true in the future. We will also discuss the origin and plot related to Hibari.

NOTE: This article might contain spoilers


Who is Hibari in One Piece?

Hibari One piece
Hibari (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, One Piece)

Hibari is a newly introduced character in the world of One Piece. She holds the rank of Marine commander and is a member of the prestigious SWORD group, which consists of elite Marines who work independently from the organization’s formal command structure.

Despite her regular stature, One Piece Hibari possesses exceptional marksmanship skills, specializing in long-range combat with her rifle. She is known for her accuracy and the ability to disarm opponents by using Vegapunk’s Flower Bullets, which jam the barrels of enemy guns with blossoming flowers.

Beyond her combat abilities, she exhibits a caring and kind-hearted nature. She has a close bond with Koby, another Marine, and expresses gratitude for his past assistance. Hibari’s loyalty to her comrades is evident as she willingly puts herself in danger to protect them.

Is ‘One Piece Hibari’ Akainu’s Daughter?


One particular theory gaining attention revolves around One Piece Hibari and her possible relationship with Akainu, the formidable Fleet Admiral of the Marines. While unconfirmed, several clues and hints have sparked curiosity.


One supporting aspect is the shared use of the Hiroshima dialect between Hibari and Akainu. They are the only characters in the series who speak this way, suggesting a potential connection. This linguistic similarity adds conspiracy to the speculation.

Fans have also noticed interesting details. Hibari in One Piece wields Vega punk’s Flower Bullets, jamming enemy gun barrels with blossoming flowers. Strangely, Akainu’s shirt collar features floral patterns, he sports floral tattoos and carries a rose. These elements fuel speculation about their relationship.

We all know how Oda likes to add details related to future announcements in advance So we can expect Hibari to be Akainu’s Daughter.

Is Koby Hibari’s Love Interest?


Koby is one of the first characters shown in One Piece. Although he got very less screen time Upto this point Oda has plans to give him more screen time in the future. As a leading character, it’s possible that Koby might get a love interest. And Hibari of One Piece seems a perfect fit for it as several instances indicate that she has a history with Koby.

Also in the One Piece manga, Hibari went to rescue Koby from Blackbeard Pirates without any orders. This indicates that Hibari has a soft spot for Koby. Although She is a new character, It is evident that Hibari in One Piece will play a very significant role in Koby’s life.

While the series has not explicitly delved into their romantic involvement, fans continue to speculate and eagerly await any potential hints or moments that may confirm or refute this theory.

One Piece Hibari’s Powers and Abilities

In addition to her intriguing character and potential relationships, Hibari also possesses impressive powers and abilities that make her a formidable force within the One Piece universe. As a Marine commander and a member of the elite Marine squadron SWORD, her skills are among the best.

One of Hibari’s notable abilities is her exceptional marksmanship. She is a highly proficient sniper, wielding a rifle with precision and accuracy. Her long-range support capabilities are remarkable, as she can disarm a whole crowd of gunmen without being detected. With her skilled aim and sharp eye, Hibari can neutralize enemy guns by jamming their barrels with her unique Flower Bullets.

Hibari’s Flower Bullets utilize Vegapunk’s gunpowder-modifying GP Flower technology. This innovative ammunition allows her to turn enemy firearms into harmless blossoming flowers, rendering them useless in battle. This ability not only showcases her proficiency as a sniper but also demonstrates her strategic approach to combat.

As the story of One Piece unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate further displays of Hibari’s powers and abilities.

Conclusion – Hibari One piece

In the vast world of One Piece, Hibari’s introduction has raised intrigue and speculation among fans. His character, abilities, and possible relationships with other prominent figures have captured the imagination of viewers. While the theory of Hibari being Akainu’s daughter remains unconfirmed, the shared use of the Hiroshima dialect and subtle hints in their appearances continue to raise curiosity.

Who is Akainu’s daughter?

Hibari is the speculated Daughter of Akainu. It is because of the shared use of the Hiroshima dialect between Hibari and Akainu in the series. Also the floral patterns in both her attack style and Akainu’s shirt.

Who is the leader of SWORD One Piece?

X Drake is the leader of SWORD in One Piece. It is a marine Headquarters Secret Special Force consisting of resigned marines.

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