(Spoilers!!) Yuji Itadori Reverse Cursed Technique: How did he learn it?



Yuji Itadori Reverse Cursed Technique:- The world of Jujutsu Kaisen is complicated and it is pretty hard to survive in this world. And in this complicated world, Yuji Itadori’s journey teaches us about being strong in difficult times. Yuji has changed a lot and shown how determined he is, even when things are hard.

He was kind of immature at the start but as the manga progressed, you can the maturity he has developed. Let’s look at how far Yuji has come, the amazing growth he’s made, and how the focus on him shows the complicated power struggles in the story.

What is the Reverse Cursed Technique?

(Latest Update) Yuji Itadori Learns to Use Reverse Cursed Technique

The Reverse Cursed Technique (RCT) is a key part of Jujutsu Kaisen’s lore. It represents not just powerful skills, but the resilience and adaptability of its users.


Essentially, RCT turns around the destructive nature of Cursed Energy, letting healers mend wounds and bring balance rarely seen in the curse-filled world of the series. The history of RCT is tied to some of the most powerful characters in the series, each adding their chapter to its legacy.

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Yuji Itadori Reverse Cursed Technique | Yuji Learns RCT

Yuji, initially lacking a Cursed Technique from his late start as a jujutsu sorcerer, has been compensating with physical strength and quick learning. His path shows unbelievable growth. What he did recently in Chapter 248 impressed fans and characters.

His unexpected skill with the Reverse Cursed Technique was beyond what even the King of Curses expected. It shows how quickly he is advancing with sorcery.


Even enemies like Sukuna have come to recognize and he is shocked. Seeing Yuji go from being overshadowed by Gojo Satoru, to being at the front of the story, shows a journey of growth, determination, and nonstop pursuit of strength.

How Yuji Awakened Reverse Cursed Technique? (RCT)

How Yuji Awakened Reverse Cursed Technique? (RCT)

Yuji’s mastery of the Reverse Cursed Technique was not something that was anticipated or expected, given his earlier status in the series. Initially, he was known for his physical prowess and hand-to-hand combat skills but lacked a personal Cursed Technique. However, in a surprising turn of events, Chapter 248 shows that Yuji has learned to use RCT

During a battle between Yuji Itadori and Sukuna, the King of Ces started deadly attacks on Yuji. His blow destroyed the stomach of Yuji. To be honest, I thought Yuji is dead now but nope, here comes the twist. Itadori tried to attack Sukuna with Executioner’s Sword but it did not affect Sukuna. Yuji was shocked but what made Sukuna shocked was Yuji’s injuries were healed

This is where fans realized that Yuji can change his cursed energy into healing power.

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How Strong is Yuji Itadori’s Reverse Cursed Technique?

How Strong is Yuji's Reverse Cursed Technique?

As it is the first use of the Reverse Cursed Technique by Yuji, it is hard to say what is his level. Even if Yuji’s Reverse Cursed Technique is not as strong as Gojo’s, it is strong enough to heal from Sukuna’s blow. I mean, any other normal user of the reverse Curesed Technique would have died but Yuji survived.

The way Yuji is trying to develop himself, who knows if he can master the art of Reverse Cursed technique. We can only know this as time passes and we see more battles between Yuji Itadori and strong monsters

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Fan Speculations on Can Yuji use Reverse cursed technique

While the exact process and circumstances of Yuji Learning Reverse Cursed Technique are not elaborated in detail, fans and characters within the series alike have speculated about its origins. There are theories about Yuji possibly learning this technique from Shoko Ieiri or through their unique means. The changes observed in Yuji’s arm have led to speculations about him possibly learning other techniques or abilities, which could further amplify his strength and role in the series.

The recent chapters, especially the fight scenes, have sparked lots of fan theories and guesses. Bringing in Yuta Okkotsu and Rika Orimoto adds complicated layers to the story. Yuta’s unpredictable cursed technique and Rika’s powerful abilities, along with their emotional bond, have set things up for a battle that’s more than just a curse clash. It’s a coming together of strategies, emotions, and unresolved pasts.

Fans guess that the combined power of Yuji with his Reverse Cursed Technique, Yuta’s evolving skills, and Rika’s formidable presence might tip the scales in a fight against Sukuna, the King of Curses.

The Power Dynamics in Jujutsu Kaisen

The power balances in Jujutsu Kaisen are always changing. Yuji Itadori’s journey is an important part of this shift. The focus of the story has moved from characters like Gojo Satoru to be more on Yuji. This shows not just his battles, but also his deep character. The way the story now centers on Yuji signals a big moment in the series.

The complicated story details involving his family ties with characters like Choso add layers to the story. Each battle and encounter is about more than just surviving – it’s about understanding the depths of Yuji’s character and the whole series.


Yuji Itadori’s character arc shows the complexity of the series, where each battle is not just a display of power but a story into the characters’ evolution. As the focus shifts and Yuji keeps discovering his potential, fans are on the edge of their seats, excited to see the next chapter in this gripping saga.

In the big picture of Jujutsu Kaisen, Yuji Itadori emerges as a profoundly complex and resilient character. As the series continues, Yuji’s journey promises to be a beacon for character development and storytelling, inviting fans and readers alike to witness the evolution of not just a character, but the whole world he inhabits.

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