Why Did Mahito Run From Yuji? Why was he sacred?


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Why Did Mahito Run From Yuji?:- In busy Shibuya, Tokyo, a huge clash happens between powerful forces. This is not a normal fight. It is the intense rivalry between Yuji Itadori and Mahito. At the peak of the Shibuya Incident arc, the story brings these two formidable enemies together for a showdown that pushes them to their limits and defines who they are.

The fight between Yuji Itadori and Mahito in the Shibuya Incident arc of Jujutsu Kaisen is a big moment in the series. The arc is pretty dark and the events have a deep impact on the characters. But this battle led to confusion in some fans as to why Mahito ran from Yuji. Why was he scared of him? But do not worry, you are at the best place where you will find the answers

Who is Mahito and Yuji Itadori??

Who is Yuji and Mahito?

Mahito is a Cursed Spirit born from humans hating and fearing each other. Mahito shows the dark side in all people. He is part of an evil group. They want to wipe out humans and fill the world with Cursed Spirits.


Mahito is not your average Cursed Spirit. He is special-grade. That makes him extremely powerful and dangerous. Mahito has caused great pain. As he kills friends of Yuji, Mahito becomes the biggest enemy of Yuji Itadori.

Yuji Itadori seems like a normal boy at first in Jujutsu Kaisen. But his life changes when he finds a Cursed Finger. This brings him into the world of Jujutsu sorcerers and Cursed Spirits.

Yuji is unique and he becomes the host for the powerful Cursed Spirit Sukuna. This gives Yuji extraordinary abilities but it’s not just his power that makes him special. It’s his strong spirit and resolve to protect others. Even when facing darkness, Yuji fights with hope and courage. This made Mahito run from Yuji

The Showdown Between Yuji and Mahito

Yuji and Mahito’s battle is full of raw emotion and backstory, making it a highlight. In the battle, Mahito is chasing his evil goals while Yuji is determined to avenge friends and protect the innocent.


Mahito is a special-grade cursed spirit born from humans’ fear of death and he has already killed important characters like Nanami Kento and Nobara Kugisaki. That is why it raises the stakes of their fight.

As they battled, Yuji was driven by rage, and grief, and resolved to stop Mahito. Their fight was intense and unpredictable. Yuji’s physical ability and Mahito’s strategic mind made it a battle of strength, wits, and will. He is pushed to the limit after losing friends and seeing Sukuna’s rampage.

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Why Did Mahito Run from Yuji?

Why Did Mahito Run?

Something important happens during the battle of Mahito and Yuji. Yuji’s friend or you can say, his brother Aoi Todo joins the fight. Together, Yuji and Todo push Mahito to his limit. He realizes that even with his ability to adapt and get stronger, he can still be outmatched.

The intense fighting and Yuji’s strong resolve to fulfill his role show Mahito that he has grown powerful. As they keep fighting, Mahito starts to fear Yuji’s determined spirit. Yuji’s eyes show he is ready to face any challenge, no matter what. He has accepted the harsh realities of their world.

This makes Mahito realize trying to win is hopeless. So Mahito decides to run away from Yuji. Ironically, Mahito, who often mocked others as weak, now feels vulnerable himself. Yuji’s tireless spirit has challenged Mahito’s beliefs and indifference. Their fight becomes one of wills and beliefs, not just power.

While Yuji didn’t kill Mahito, he did defeat him, forcing the cursed spirit to flee for his life to a snowy place. Just as Mahito tried to escape, Kenjaku (Pseudo-Geto) interrupted and absorbed him for a mysterious plan.

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What did Yuji say to Mahito

In “Jujutsu Kaisen,” dialogues during battles often reflect the characters’ emotions. Yuji’s words were so strong that he broke the nihilistic approach of Mahito. His words made Mahito scared and then he ran for his life. He even begged Yuji to leave him. But Yuji was so determined to kill Mahito, that he started attacking him.

Here is what he said:-

  • I am You
  • I will k**l you
  • If you are born as a new curse, I will k**l that too
  • I will k**l you again and again

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My Thoughts and Speculations

As the battle was philosophical, it showed how Mahito ironic and hypocritical is. Mahito was literally sacred as Yuji declared that he was gonna kill him. It was kind of a goosebumps moment for me as he lost this philosophical war so badly that Mahito ran away from Yuji

The anime added more depth to Mahito’s character, especially his final moments. It shows his fear and hypocrisy when up against Yuji’s determination.

The anime makes the scene longer when a desperate Mahito tries to push Yuji away. This shows Mahito’s inability to accept what his own ideology has caused.

Also, Mahito fails to heal his ankle with his powers. This goes against his claim of understanding the soul, highlighting his hypocrisy and limited understanding. These parts in the anime improve the story by revealing more of Mahito’s character flaws.


Yuji and Mahito’s clash is about more than just fighting. It’s a collision of philosophies, a test of wills, and a key moment that has sparked many fan theories. As the series continues, the effects of this encounter will keep influencing Yuji and the world of Jujutsu Kaisen.

I am glad Mahito is gone, I wouldn’t say I liked that character(Because of his sadistic nature). But I am still excited about what the author will offer next

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