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Welcome fans to our comparison between Kakashi vs Gojo. As we all know Kakashi and Gojo are our fan-favorite “cool and badass characters”, who left their mark on two of the most popular series “Jujisu Kaison” and “Naruo”.

Both Gojo and Kakashi share significant similarities in their roles as mentors to the main protagonists, shaping their development and growth. As cool and badass teachers, they command respect and admiration from their students and fans alike, showcasing incredible strength and skill in battle.

One striking resemblance between the two lies in their appearance, with both having distinct white hair collars. Kakashi conceals his Sharingan eyes, while Gojo obscures his six eyes with a black cloth, adding an air of enigma to their personas.


In this article, we delve into a comparative analysis of Kakashi and Gojo through different criteria. From their mentoring styles to their character development, and from their formidable powers to the hardships they’ve endured.

Who Is A Better Teacher Between Gojo Vs Kakashi

Kakashi as a teacher
Kakashi as a teacher

While both Kakashi and Gojo are strong and skilled fighters, Kakashi proves to be a better teacher. Gojo faces constant battles with dangerous enemies because he is known as the strongest human in his world.

which negatively impacts him, because he gets very less time to teach his students properly. But in the case of Kakashi, he dedicates a significant amount of time to the growth of his students.

He patiently starts from the basics and teaches them essential skills and life advice. Not only that but he is also like a father figure to them who shares his life experiences, and advice, and guides them through difficulties.


This helps his students become not only powerful ninjas but also better people. Though Gojo is powerful, his lack of time for teaching holds him back from being as effective a mentor as Kakashi. But in the end, both Kakashi and Gojo did a good job guiding our favorite MCs.

Gojo is a More Cool And Badass character than Kakashi

Cool Gojo

Kakashi Hatake, renowned as the “Copy Ninja,” has undoubtedly earned his reputation as a cool and badass character. His skills as a shinobi even surpass some elites such as “Kage”.which is enough to symbolize Kakashi as a Big-Shot in the entire Naruto verse.

However, when compared to Gojo Satoru, Kakashi’s coolness seems to pale in comparison. Gojo’s level of coolness and badassery is on an entirely different level.

He is so badass that his mere name can strike terror in the hearts of villains. As we know even the Main villain “Sukuna” trembles in the face of Gojo’s existence and the immense power he possesses. Such is the aura of Gojo, unmatched in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe.

Furthermore, Gojo’s rebellious nature adds an extra layer of badassery to his character. He cares little for the orders of higher-ups, as he knows his strength is so overwhelming that he could eliminate them without a second thought.

This audacity and defiance against authority make Gojo an even cooler and more captivating character. While Kakashi’s coolness is undeniable, Gojo’s charisma and unyielding confidence place him at a level that surpasses even the renowned “Copy Ninja.”

Kakashi’s commitment and guidance make him a superior teacher, shaping the lives of his students in ways that go beyond just combat skills.

Kakashi Is A Batter Well-Written Character

Copy Ninja Kakashi has one of the most detailed rich storylines and character depth in the entire series. starting from his difficult childhood when his father committed suicide leaving him alone in the world. Then the death of his love interest Rin at his own hand followed by his teammate Obito’s death. Last but not least death of his teacher Minato Namikaze. every struggle define today’s Kakashi.

He often appears aloof and detached, but beneath that exterior lies a caring and responsible individual. Kakashi is constantly faced with difficult decisions, putting him in morally challenging situations.

Tough situations in his life made him mentally strong. For example when he learned his motto is a teammate’s life more important than the mission. Which is after losing his both teammates Obito Uchiha and Rin Nohara.

If we compare Gojo and Kakashi, Kakashi is not portrayed as an invincible character. He has flaws, vulnerabilities, and moments of self-doubt, which make him relatable and human. His struggles with the past and coping with loss make him more empathetic to viewers.

Kakashi is known for his wise and thought-provoking quotes, which reflect his life experiences and philosophies. This adds depth to his character and resonates with the audience on a deeper level.

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Gojo Is More Powerful Than Kakashi

Kakashi vs Gojo

Satoru Gojo is undeniably more powerful than Kakashi Hatake. While both Gojo and Kakashi are formidable in their respective universes, Gojo’s abilities and feats far surpass Kakashi’s.

Cursed Energy and Techniques: Gojo possesses an unparalleled amount of cursed energy, making him the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer in the Jujutsu Kaisen world. His cursed energy levels are on a completely different scale compared to Kakashi’s chakra reserves. Gojo’s Limitless technique allows him to manipulate space and time, granting him incredible speed, evasion, and offensive capabilities.

Six Eyes vs. Sharingan: While both characters possess unique ocular abilities, Gojo’s Six Eyes far surpass Kakashi’s Sharingan in terms of perception and capabilities. Gojo’s Six Eyes allow him to see curses and cursed techniques at an extraordinary level, giving him a significant advantage in battles.

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Domain Expansion: Gojo’s Domain Expansion is an immensely powerful and wide-scale technique that creates an inviolable territory. This ability puts tremendous pressure on his opponents and can overpower even the strongest curses. In contrast, Kakashi’s Kamui and other Mangekyou Sharingan techniques, while impressive, are limited in comparison.

Speed and Reflexes: Gojo’s Limitless technique not only enhances his speed but also gives him superior reflexes, allowing him to effortlessly dodge attacks and respond quickly to threats. Kakashi is undoubtedly fast, but Gojo’s speed is on an entirely different level.

Combat Prowess: Gojo is a highly skilled and experienced fighter, capable of taking on multiple opponents simultaneously. His combat prowess is unrivaled, while Kakashi, while exceptional, has faced defeat in certain battles.

Kakashi Has Gone Through More Hardships


Kakashi Hatake has undoubtedly endured more hardships than Satoru Gojo throughout their respective journeys. As we have already discussed, while both Gojo and Kakashi have faced challenges, Kakashi’s life has been more struggle full and depressing than Gojo’s.

Loss of Loved Ones: Kakashi lost his father, Sakumo Hatake, who was not only a renowned ninja but also a source of inspiration and love for him. Then after losing his love interest, a brother-like friend also his teacher, he completely broke down. The weight of these losses influenced Kakashi’s outlook on life and contributed to his initial cold and distant demeanor.

Anbu Black Ops: At a young age, Kakashi was recruited into the Anbu Black Ops, an elite and secretive organization in the Hidden Leaf Village. The missions he did during this time made him realize what cruel a world this is making him mentally strong.

Obito’s Death and Guilt: Kakashi’s sense of guilt and responsibility for Obito’s apparent death weighed heavily on him throughout his life. He believed that he had failed as a friend and a teammate, leading to his determination to protect his remaining loved ones at any cost.

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Struggles as a Sensei: As a team leader and sensei to Team 7 (Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura), Kakashi faced numerous challenges. He had to both protect and teach his students while doing his work as a top tear Shinobi. The pain of witnessing his students face danger and hardship was just like throwing wood to the fire.

Fourth Great Ninja War: Kakashi played a crucial role in the Fourth Great Ninja War, where he faced formidable adversaries and witnessed the devastation caused by the conflict. The war brought to the forefront the harsh realities of being a ninja, testing Kakashi’s resolve and principles.

Lingering Traumas: Throughout the series, Kakashi struggled to move on from his past and let go of the traumas he experienced. His journey towards emotional healing and growth was a central theme, highlighting the depth of his character.

Ultimate Victor? Kakashi vs Gojo

In a friendly sparring match between Kakashi vs Gojo, Gojo would likely emerge as the ultimate victor. His overwhelming cursed energy, Six Eyes technique, and Limitless abilities would give him a significant edge against Kakashi’s powerful arsenal of jutsu.

While if we see them as a better character perspective, Kakashi’s emotional journey, mentoring style, and well-rounded personality make him come to the top. He has way better character design, depth, and backstory Than Gojo.

So if we see our ultimate question of who is a better character between Gojo vs Kakashi? Kakashi undoubtedly takes the cake. Before all the Gojo fans start to throw slang at me I want to make it clear that Gojo’s character arc is just starting to unfold. We don’t know a lot about the background of Gojo. So for the time being we can say that Kakashi is a better and well-explored character.


In the end, we can say that while Gojo’s raw power surpasses Kakashi’s, both Kakashi and Gojo possess complex personalities, well-crafted backstories, and impactful roles in their respective series. I am sure that whoever you think is a better character. You can not deny the fact that they do a splendid job engaging us audience in the story while giving the edge of the seat experiences.

While comparing Gojo vs Kakashi was fun, we should keep in mind that both Kakashi and Gojo came from different universes. This also goes for their power levels in their respective universes. This indicates that both Gojo and Kakashi are strong according to their backgrounds.

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