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Solo Leveling Episode 5 Release Time and Date:- Hello Solo Leveling fans!!!! As another exciting episode starts, the buzz around Solo Leveling keeps getting louder. This show is becoming the big anime hit of 2024. With each episode, the anime goes deeper into the dungeons and follow Sung Jinwoo’s thrilling journey. We get to know about new secrets and see tough challenges that make us want more.

Lately, anime fans are very excited as reports say Solo Leveling is special. It’s shaping up to be the biggest anime this year. Fans loved the first 4 episodes and can’t wait for more. The show launched in over 200 places worldwide, so it’s a global sensation now. This is because of the unique story and the excellent animation by A-1 Studios.

After first 4 episodes, we are ready for Solo Leveling Episode 5. But do you know when it is going to be released? Do not worry, I will guide with recaps and the Solo Leveling Episode 5 Release Time and Date.


Episode Recaps

Solo Leveling Episode Recap

Episode 1: I’m Used to It

In the world of Solo Leveling, mysterious Gates to other worlds have appeared. Behind the Gates are magical beasts too strong for normal weapons. Some people called Hunters have awakened powers to fight the beasts. Hunters are ranked from S to E by their magical strength. They train hard to battle the beasts. An important lesson is to stay alert and not get too confident. The dungeons and creatures are unpredictable.

Sung Jin-Woo is known as the weakest Hunter. His peers often mock him. But he keeps going into dangerous dungeons to support his family. In a mission led by experienced Hunter Song, the team finds a second dungeon inside the first one. This rare, ominous discovery happens. Sung’s vote makes the team check out the new dungeon. His need to get resources for his family drives him, even with the risks.

Episode 2: If I Had One More Chance

In episode two, Sung Jin-Woo and his team go deeper into the scary second dungeon. They learn statues kill anyone trying to leave. He realizes respecting the temple’s God might let them survive. As they move through the deadly rules, each choice could mean life or death. When a sacrifice is required, Jin-Woo’s leadership and selflessness appear. He stays behind so his teammates can escape. The statues brutally attack him. At the edge of death, a mysterious alert offers a way for him to get stronger. He instantly takes the chance.

Episode 3: It’s Like a Game

Sung Jin-Woo is about to be killed. A strange screen pops up and offers him a chance to go on a quest. He agrees. Jin-Woo wakes up in a hospital. Two hunters visit and ask about his rare second awakening which greatly increases a hunter’s power. But test results show Jin-Woo’s levels are the same, puzzling everyone.


Then Jin-Woo learns of the ‘System’ – rules and quests only he can see. Ignoring the first ‘Strength Training’ quest because he doubts it and is hospitalized, he’s punished. He must survive deadly centipedes in a harsh, desert-like place. After enduring this brutal challenge, he’s sent back to the hospital and faints from exhaustion.

As he keeps doing quests and getting rewards, he thinks about his hard life, especially his mom’s illness from mana exposure. Despite the difficulties, he is determined to change his fate. He enters an ‘instance dungeon’ to battle formidable enemies.

Solo Leveling Episode 5: Release Date and Time

Solo Leveling Episode 5 Release Time and Date: Unveiling the Next Chapter

The highly awaited Solo Leveling Episode 5 will continue the gripping story of Sung Jin-Woo. Fans can expect the episode to premiere on February 3, 2024. Like usual, it will be released at midnight Japan time. For international viewers, Crunchyroll will have it one hour after Japan. Here are the release times for different time zones:

RegionRelease DateTime
North America PSTSaturday, Feb 37:00 AM
North America CSTSaturday, Feb 39:00 AM
North America ESTSaturday, Feb 310:00 AM
Europe GMTSaturday, Feb 33:00 PM
Australia ACSTSunday, Feb 412:30 AM
China CSTSunday, Feb 412:00 AM

English Dub Release Details

Fans who prefer the English dub – don’t worry! The English version of Solo Leveling debuted on January 20, 2024 On Crunchyroll. New episodes come out weekly. So the English dub of Episode 5 should be available a week after the original Solo Leveling Episode 5 release.

If my calculations are right, then you can watch English Dub of Solo Leveling Season 1 Episode 5 on 18 February 2024. Crunchyroll will have both the original and English versions. This gives all fans a good viewing experience. Remember, these schedules could change based on new information.

Where to Watch Solo Leveling Episode 5

Fans have several options to watch the latest exciting Solo Leveling episode. With these platforms, Solo Leveling fans can choose what works best for them to watch Episode 5. Check the official sites or pages of these streaming platforms for the most up-to-date schedule info. Here are places you can watch Episode 5 based on available information:

  1. Crunchyroll – This major anime streaming site will have Solo Leveling internationally just 1 hour after it airs in Japan. Crunchyroll is known for quick releases. It also has English dubs shortly after the original versions. Fans can find both subtitled and dubbed episodes here.
  2. Japanese Networks – In Japan, Solo Leveling airs on Tokyo MX, GYT, GTV, BS11, and CBC. These networks show episodes at 9am local time so Japanese fans can watch quickly.
  3. Netflix – The global streaming giant Netflix also has Solo Leveling. Netflix has a large library of diverse shows and lots of anime. Fans can catch up on Sung Jin-Woo’s adventures and the world of Hunters and Magical Beasts here.
  4. Amazon Prime – Solo Leveling is also on Amazon Prime. This gives fans another option to access and enjoy the series easily.


Solo Leveling continues to thrill audiences worldwide with its unique story and animation. As the show goes on, knowing where and when to watch new episodes is important to keep up with Sung Jin-Woo’s journey. Whether you like Crunchyroll’s quick international streaming, watching directly in Japan, or using easy Netflix, each platform lets you into Solo Leveling’s exciting world.

Also, let us know what is your review of Solo Leveling till now. Write your reviews in the comment below.

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