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Hello, Solo Leveling fans. After such a long wait, multiple trailers and teasers Solo Leveling finally got a release worldwide. It started airing every week from January 6, 2024, in the USA, UK, And all around the world.

We fans have been waiting eagerly every Saturday for a new episode to watch. In this blog post, we will mainly focus on Solo Leveling Episode 4. We will talk about what has been happening so far in the show. we will also discuss what might happen next.

So without any delay, get ready to dive into the world of Solo Leveling with us.

solo leveling episode 4 release date

Recap of Upto Episode 3


In Episode 1, Solo Leveling introduces us to the major characters. who are going play crucial roles in the story. The show describes world-building as where dungeons began to appear globally ten years ago. It was filled with monsters. And Hunters gained special powers to tackle these dungeons.

All the monsters, dungeons, and hunters are classified from S to E. Where S is the strongest and E is the weakest. Our main character, Sung Jinwoo, starts as the weakest among E-class hunters.

Poor Sung Jinwoo joins a team of hunters to explore a D-grade dungeon. Inside the easy D-grade dungeon, they encounter a hidden cave. everyone decides to explore it. To their shock, they discover it is an S-class dungeon. This resulted in many deaths.

Sung Jinwoo, despite being the weakest, emerges as a leader. He helps others to understand the dungeon rules and survive.



In Episode 2, we see Sung Jinwoo continue to understand the mysteries of the dungeon. Many died in this episode as well. The episode also briefly introduces Sung Jinwoo’s sister and mother. During the struggle, Sung Jinwoo loses his right leg.

Also, while solving the last puzzle his teammates abandoned him. Even though he helped them solve all the puzzles and understand the rules of the dungeon, everyone left him to die.

Just when Sung Jinwoo was going to die He got a system alert pop-up. Where, if he accepts the system he will survive. Sung Jinwoo clicks the yes button and episode 2 ends there.

Solo Leveling Episode 4 Release Date and Time

recap of solo leveling episode 1-2

Get ready for Solo Leveling Episode 4, as it is coming your way on January 27, 2024. As always it is going to be a Saturday. It’s just one week after Episode 3, which came out on January 20, 2024. The new episode is set to release at midnight, 12:00 AM JST (Japan Standard Time).

For other Time zones,

Time zoneRelease DateTimeDay
PSTJanuary 207amSaturday
MSTJanuary 207 amSaturday
CSTJanuary 208 amSaturday
ESTJanuary 209 amSaturday
ACSTJanuary 2112:30 pmSunday
GMTJanuary 203 pmSaturday

English Dub Release Date and Time

For all the English-speaking fans of the dubbed version of Solo Leveling, we have some good news. Crunchyroll has announced that the English dub of Solo Leveling Episode 1 is set to be uploaded on January 20, 2024.

And every week after that, a new English-dubbed episode will be added. So, if you want to watch Solo Leveling Episode 4 English dub, it is set to be released on February 11, 2024. it is just one week after the English dub release of Episode 3.

Where To Watch Solo Leveling Episode 4

If you want to watch Solo Leveling Episode 4? You can check it out on Crunchyroll Or Amazon Prime. Right now, it’s available with subtitles. you have to buy a premium subscription from either of the websites to watch the show.

But good news for a dub-loving audience. If you like to hear it in English instead, Crunchyroll will start adding English-dubbed episodes from January 20, 2024. So, you can enjoy Solo Leveling Episode 4 in English on Crunchyroll.

In The End

So, here we are at the end. Solo Leveling is like a superstar anime, showing up every 5 years within a decade. It’s so cool and exciting that waiting for each new episode is like a routine now. The anime surely gives an edge-of-your-seat experience.

So if you’re a big fan of solo leveling like me, you can get that special feeling. The one where you just can’t wait for the next episode.

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