Saitama vs Goku | Can Saitama Beat Goku?


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Are you ready to jump into the millennial debate? That’s right it is Saitama vs Goku. The never-ending feud between these two anime icons has been the subject of intense debate and speculation over the years.

Who will win the battle between the two? Can Saitama’s incredible strength overcome Goku’s immense abilities, or will Goku reign supreme? These puzzling inquiries are a source of endless fascination for anime lovers around the world.

Some fans argue that Saitama’s strength is so overwhelming that Goku wouldn’t stand a chance against him. Conversely, others have pointed out that Goku has defeated foes considered invincible, such as Frieza and Majin Buu.


This complex and emotionally charged topic has polarized fans and sparked passionate debates. Still, regardless of which side you support, one thing is certain: the Saitama vs Goku debate will continue to fuel intense discussion and debate for years to come.

In Experience, Goku Takes the Cake

The experience between Saitama vs Goku will be a key factor to decide who will have an advantage in the battle. let us dive into it

Saitama’s experience

Saitama vs Goku | Can Saitama Beat Goku?

In Saitama’s universe, it is true that he is the strongest living hero. But it’s also a fact that he’s relatively new to the game and has just found his powers. He has only had three years of training prior to the start of the series.

Saitama’s battles are often short and one-sided. He only needs one punch to finish his opponents. This means that he hasn’t had to develop much in the way of battle strategy or experience.


Saitama’s lack of experience could be a weakness if he ever faced an opponent who could match his power. If he ever faces an opponent who is immune to his punches, he will find it very difficult to figure out how to win.

Goku’s Experience

Goku has been battling since he was a child. He has faced countless adversaries, both on Earth and in other worlds, and he has continually pushed himself to become stronger. He has fought gods, demons, and even other Saiyans like himself.

Goku has to rely on his wits and his experience in battle to defeat his opponents. Through years of training and countless battles, Goku can understand the battlefield better than his opponents, and can even use it to his advantage.

Goku’s experience gives him an edge in battle. He has faced opponents who were stronger than him and come out on top. He has fought many battles and learned from them that if Goku fights Saitama, it will be an important factor in deciding the outcome of the fight.

Analyzing the Speed and Reflexes: Saitama vs Goku

Saitama vs Goku

Both Saitama and Goku possess incredible speed and reflexes which make them formidable opponents in battle. While Saitama’s speed is impressive, Goku’s ability to travel faster than light gives him a significant advantage in terms of speed. let us analyze Saitama vs Goku’s Speed and Reflexes

Saitama’s Speed and Reflexes are at Planetary Level

Saitama’s speed is incredibly fast, as he is capable of running at speeds that are nearly impossible to track with the human eye. His ability to move faster than sound waves, as well as his ability to dodge and block attacks at such speed, make him incredibly difficult to fight against.

Saitama has lightning-fast reflexes that allow him to react to attacks almost instantly. He is able to block and dodge opponents’ attacks without difficulty, even when they are moving at a speed more than sound.

According to the information given in the series Saitama’s top speed is estimated to be around 129864km/s which is around .43 times the speed of light. When he went to earth from the moon in 2.96 seconds.

Goku’s Speed and Reflexes Are Godly

Goku’s speed is beyond impressive, as he is capable of running at superhuman speeds that exceed the sound barrier. He has also demonstrated the ability to teleport long distances and run faster than the speed of light in his Super Saiyan God form.

Goku’s reflexes are also very impressive, as he can pinpoint his opponent’s location by sensing their life force. He has also demonstrated the ability to dodge and counterattack in mid-air, which requires excellent reflexes and spatial awareness.

Goku’s top speed is estimated to be around 2.5 billion times the speed of light in his Super Saiyan God form. Which is beyond human comprehension.

How do Saitama vs Goku’s Power Levels Compare?

Both Saitama and Goku have their own strengths. Let us discuss Saitama vs Goku feats and try to understand their power levels.

Feats of Goku

Saitama vs Goku | Can Saitama Beat Goku?

Destroying Planets: During the fight with Frieza Goku unlocked his Super Saiyan form and destroyed a planet named Namik. And that was a long time ago. Now Goku is exponentially stronger. After training with gods and angels, he can easily destroy an entire galaxy.

Instant Transmission: It is a technique Goku mastered while training on a planet named Yardart. this allows Goku to travel instantaneously anywhere. The distance can be some meters to even light years. This technique can even beat time itself. In the Dragon Ball Z series, Goku traveled from the living world to the non-living world, galaxy to galaxy, and from the center of the universe to the edge of the universe instantly using the instant transmission.

Ultra Instinct: Using this godly technique Goku can tap into his body’s innate reflexes and react without thinking. It’s an ultimate technique that severs the consciousness from the body in order to allow the body to subconsciously move it to even attack and evade. even the destroyer gods who are the most powerful being in the universe couldn’t master it.

Battle With Gods: Goku fought Beerus the god of destruction who is the strongest god in universe 7. Their battle was so intense that the whole universe was going to destroy. Apart from that Goku has fought countless gods making the power of Gods a joke in comparison to Goku.

Feats of Saitama

Saitama vs Goku | Can Saitama Beat Goku?

Punching Through a Massive Asteroid: The asteroid was classified as a Dragon-level threat by the Hero Association, possessing powerful kinetic energy enough to not only wipe out Z-City. Saitama shattered that asteroid to pieces with one punch.

Jumping From Moon to Earth: During the fight with Boros Saitama jumped from the moon to earth making a massive crater in the moon. He reached the earth in 2.96 seconds according to the anime. which is nearly half of the speed of light. 

Splitting the sky: While fighting with Boros, Saitama used a serious punch to finish up the fight. The punch was so powerful that the sky splits into two parts. It was clearly visible from the space. This would have required an incredible amount of energy.

Breaking the limiter: According to the OPM universe, there is a limit, to which one can grow to achieve power, strength, speed, etc. But Saitama has brock that limiter. which means he has infinite potential. That’s why every other opponent of Saitama lost their battle with a single punch.

Wrapping It Up

now coming to the end of the discussion “Saitama vs Goku”, let us see if can saitama Beat Goku? Considering Goku is a well-developed character whose powers have been explored in series and manga, while Saitama is still new to the field, Goku is much stronger. But not for long though, Saitama is a character who has limitless potential.

Just because Saitama’s opponents are weak does not mean Saitama is. When the series progresses and Saitama gets to fight stronger opponents, I am sure he will definitely beat Goku. Whatever happens Saitama vs Goku battle will be legendary.

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