Who is Blast One Punch Man? His Powers, Abilities, and Plot Involvement


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In the world of One Punch Man, the mysterious S-Class hero known as Blast has captivated fans with his enigmatic presence. In this article, we delve into Blast in One Punch Man, discussing his powers, abilities, and plot involvement.

we will explore key moments and story arcs, we unravel the significance of Blast’s role in the series. Additionally, we examine his extraordinary powers, comparing them to other characters.

We will address popular theories, we contemplate the possible connection between Blast and the protagonist, Saitama. Join us on this journey as we unravel the mysteries surrounding Blast.


Who is Blast One Punch Man?

Who is Blast One Punch Man? His Powers, Abilities, and Plot Involvement
Credit – Youtube(@Atserc1015)
Manga Debut:Chapter-139
Rank:S-Class, Rank-1

Blast in One Punch Man is the S-Class Rank 1 hero of the Hero Association. He holds a position of utmost importance and reverence in the Hero Association because of his hero rank. Among the vast roster of heroes, only a select few possess the privilege to communicate directly with Blast, given his status as the highest-ranked hero.

It was in chapter 139 of the manga that Blast made his debut, marking a pivotal moment in the story’s progression. However, despite his formidable reputation, Blast has remained absent from major conflicts, such as Boros’ invasion.

As he is believed to have been engaged in a relentless battle with an entity known as God for nearly two decades. This ongoing confrontation has kept Blast away from the public eye, raising further intrigue and curiosity surrounding his true power and purpose within the world of One Punch Man.

Plot Involvement

Plot Involvement Blast in One Punch Man is filled with intriguing moments. He first appears in chapter 139 during the Monster Association Arc. It happens when a voice claiming to be “God” speaks in the minds of Saitama, Flashy Flash, and Manako after they come into contact with Cube-like objects that Blast carries in his hands.


Blast suddenly shows up in front of Saitama, Flashy Flash, and Manako which prevented them from engaging with the Cube. However, he quickly disappears, leaving them near Garou, the main antagonist, without any explanation. It raises questions about Blast’s intentions and his knowledge of the upcoming battle.

Later on, Blast intervenes during the fight against Garou, who is under the control of “GOD.” He fights Garou to protect Genos But still fails. Additionally, Blast showcases his teleportation abilities by quickly moving Saitama and Garou to a safe location to prevent excessive damage to the Earth.

These actions demonstrate Blast’s formidable combat skills and his deep understanding of the dangers posed by “GOD” and Garou. As the story progresses, it becomes clear that in One Punch Man Blast’s involvement is vital in uncovering the truth behind the ongoing conflict.

Powers, Abilities

OPM Blast Powers and Abilities
Credit – Youtube(@Atserc1015)

Immense Speed: Blast in One Punch Man showcases incredible speed, making him one of the fastest individuals depicted in the series. He has demonstrated his superiority over Flashy Flash, an S-Class hero known for his extraordinary speed. Blast effortlessly dodges Flashy Flash’s fastest kicks, even from close distances, and can appear behind him in the blink of an eye.

Immense Strength: in One Punch Man Blast possesses immense physical strength. He effortlessly carries a mysterious cube, casually spinning it on his fingertip with playful ease. The weight of this cube is substantial enough to trap Flashy Flash’s arm and cause it to sink into the ground when thrown aside by Saitama.

Portal Creation: One of Blast’s most distinctive abilities is his power to generate hyperspace portals. These portals allow him to teleport to different locations, traverse other dimensions, and transfer objects effortlessly. When activating his teleportation ability, Blast creates portals that resemble black holes, providing him with unparalleled mobility and the ability to manipulate spatial dimensions.

Radiation Resistance: Blast in One Punch Man, exhibits remarkable resistance to radiation. He can withstand the potent cosmic radiation emitted by Garou, the Hero Hunter, without being affected. This radiation is powerful enough to cause other nearby heroes to collapse and die shortly after exposure. Blast’s resistance highlights his exceptional durability and resilience.

Is In One Punch Man Blast Stronger Than Saitama?

Despite being hailed as the strongest hero on Earth and achieving the prestigious No. 1 rank in the S-Class, Blast’s abilities are overshadowed by Saitama’s overwhelming strength. An illustrative example is seen when Blast confronts Elder Centipede, managing to force the creature into retreat. However, Saitama effortlessly obliterates Elder Centipede with a single punch, reducing the formidable foe to mere fragments.

Similarly, during his encounter with Garou, Blast valiantly fights to protect Genos but ultimately falls short. In contrast, Saitama effortlessly dispatches Garou using one hand while holding Genos’ Core, highlighting the vast disparity in power between the two heroes.

While Blast is renowned as the strongest hero among his peers, his capabilities pale in comparison to the seemingly limitless power of Saitama. Saitama’s effortless ability to defeat formidable opponents and shatter the boundaries of conventional strength makes him an unparalleled force within the One Punch Man universe.

Is In One Punch Man Blast Stronger Than Saitama?
StrengthConsidered the strongest hero on Earth; ranked No. 1 in S-Class.Possesses incomprehensible strength; capable of defeating opponents with a single punch.
Encounter with Elder CentipedeForced Elder Centipede to retreat.Obliterated Elder Centipede with a single punch, reducing it to bits.
Fight against GarouFought to protect Genos but failed to defeat Garou.Defeated Garou effortlessly using one hand while holding Genos’ Core.
Power DisparityWhile powerful among his peers, falls significantly short when compared to Saitama.Exhibits seemingly limitless power and unrivaled strength.

Is In One Punch Man Blast Saitama’s father?

There has been speculation among fans of One Punch Man about the possibility of Blast in One Punch Man being Saitama’s father. However, it’s important to note that in the manga and anime, there is no mention or evidence to support this theory.

One reason for the speculation is the mysterious absence of Saitama’s father in the series. This has led fans to wonder about his identity, and Blast’s immense strength makes him a plausible candidate for the role of Saitama’s father.

However, it’s essential to remember that this is just speculation. There is no official confirmation or solid evidence to support the idea that Blast is indeed Saitama’s father. The series deliberately keeps Saitama’s family background a mystery, leaving it open to interpretation and theories.

Until the story provides more information, the connection between Blast and Saitama should be taken as a fan theory rather than a confirmed fact.


In conclusion, Blast in One Punch Man remains an enigmatic and captivating character. As the top-ranked hero in the S-Class, Blast commands immense power and possesses extraordinary abilities. However, when compared to the unparalleled strength and might of Saitama, Blast falls short.

While speculation persists regarding Blast’s potential role as Saitama’s father, there is no concrete evidence supporting this theory in the manga or anime. The mysteries surrounding Blast and Saitama’s family background continue to intrigue fans.

It is creating discussions and theories within the One Punch Man community. With each new development in the series, the desire to unravel the truth behind Blast’s character and his connection to Saitama only grows stronger.

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