The Beginning After The End Wiki; Where to Read?



Welcome everyone, “The Beginning After The End” is a very popular Manhwa novel series. Crafted by the talented TurtleMe, this series has a breathtaking storyline and can be considered one of the most popular Manhwa out there. Meet Arthur Leywin, a once-mighty warrior reborn as a child named Arthur with memories of his past life.

As he grows, Arthur discovers his magical talents and aches to correct his past wrongs. But danger looms as war threatens the continent of Dicathen, forcing Arthur to use his newfound powers to protect his world.

In this article, we will understand the universe of “The Beginning After The End,”. We will discuss what is the story all about and explore its characters and many more. So without further due let’s start.

The Beginning After The End Wiki; Where to Read

Spoiler-Free Summary of The Beginning After The End

“The Beginning After The End” introduces us to Arthur Leywin, a warrior reborn as a child in the world of Dicathen with memories of his past life. Although Arthur was reborn with a wick and sickly body, he shows great magical potential.

From a very young age, he starts to face different challenges and becomes a badass MC. But beyond personal growth, he must also confront a looming threat of war with the Vritra clan, a banished group of deities.

This story is similar to reincarnation with previous life memory manhwa with very good execution of the characters. It doesn’t feel cliche as its plot pace is constantly changing with new scenarios. If you’re seeking a tale of transformation and heroism, “The Beginning After The End” promises an unforgettable journey.

Characters of The Beginning After The End

The Beginning After The End characters

Some of the main characters are


Arthur Leywin: The heart of the tale, Arthur is a reincarnated king with a burning determination to protect the innocent and discover his true purpose.

Tessia Eralith: Arthur’s best friend and a princess of the Eralith Kingdom. As a royal elf, she is a very strong mage and fighter.

Sylvie: A loyal and powerful dragon, Sylvie stands as Arthur’s unwavering companion and friend, always ready to support him.

Kezess Indrath: Leader of the Indrath Clan and one of the world’s most potent mages, Kezess embodies wisdom and compassion, ever willing to aid those in need.

Agrona Vritra: The story’s main antagonist, Agrona Vritra is a ruthless tyrant and the leader of the Vritra Clan. His insidious goal is to conquer Dicathen and enslave its people.

Other Notable Characters Include:

Windsom: A mentor figure within the Indrath Clan, Windsom boasts formidable magical abilities and martial skills.

Olfred Warend: A loyal friend of Arthur and a member of the Twin Horns Party, Olfred is a skilled warrior.

Elijah Knight: A rival to Arthur within the Twin Horns Party, Elijah excels as both a mage and a warrior.

Varay Aurae: Sylvie’s sister and a powerful mage and warrior among the Indrath Clan.

Kordri: A mentor figure to Arthur within the Indrath Clan, Kordri is a close friend to Windsom and an accomplished mage.

Should You Read The Beginning After The End?

If you’re a fan of Isekai manga, “The Beginning After The End” is an absolute gem that you shouldn’t miss. Here’s why you should consider diving into this captivating story:

Engaging Isekai Premise: The story begins with the intriguing premise of a king’s rebirth into another world as a baby.

Emotional Rollercoaster: “The Beginning After The End” strikes a balance between humor and sorrow, making you both laugh and cry along the way. It’s a testament to the storytelling’s emotional depth and range.

Characters: While the main character shines, some side characters may be less likable. The abundance of side characters is limited, which could impact the overall character dynamics. However, the main character’s development and journey remain engaging.

Art: The manga’s art style complements the story well, enhancing the overall reading experience. It seamlessly immerses you in the world created by the author.

Can We See Beginning After The End As An Anime?

It is highly likely that Beginning After The End will get an Anime adaptation. because we have seen Popular Manhwas getting Anime adaptations like “Lookism” And “SoloLeveling“. Reasons for high possibility are:

Popularity: The story’s immense popularity is a clear indicator of its potential success as an anime. With over 450k subscribers for the webcomic on platforms like Tapas and over 150k copies of the novel series in print, there is a substantial and dedicated fan base eagerly awaiting an animated rendition.

Well-Written Story: TurtleMe, the author, has crafted a narrative that stands out for its depth and quality. The characters are intricately developed, the world-building is immersive, and the plot is filled with action, adventure, and suspense. These elements make it a well-rounded and engaging story that could translate seamlessly into animation.

Visual Potential: The story’s enchanting world, replete with a unique magic system, fantastical creatures, and captivating environments, offers boundless visual opportunities.

Given these compelling factors, it’s increasingly likely that “The Beginning After the End” may soon grace our screens as an anime adaptation.

Where to Read?

For those eager to embark on the adventure that is “The Beginning After the End,” there are several platforms where you can delve into the story:

Tapas: The original webcomic is available for free on Tapas. It’s not only the source material but also frequently updated, offering readers a weekly dose of the story’s captivating world.

TurtleMe’s Patreon: For those looking to support the author directly and gain access to exclusive content, TurtleMe’s Patreon is another avenue. You can read the novel series here and enjoy early access to chapters and other special materials.

For newcomers, starting with the webcomic on Tapas is highly recommended. It serves as the foundation of the story and offers a visually appealing and regularly updated experience. You can get a taste of the story and its world without any initial cost.

If you find yourself deeply engrossed in the narrative and wish to support TurtleMe, exploring the novel series on Amazon Kindle or TurtleMe’s Patreon is an excellent choice. These options grant you access to more in-depth content and exclusive perks, ensuring your journey through “The Beginning After the End” is both fulfilling and supportive of the author’s work.


“The Beginning After the End” promises an enchanting journey filled with growth, redemption, and captivating storytelling. With the possibility of an anime adaptation on the horizon, the story’s popularity and well-crafted narrative shine through.

To read this remarkable tale, you have choices: Tapas for the visually appealing webcomic experience, Amazon Kindle for the novel series, or TurtleMe’s Patreon for exclusive content and early access.

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