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Hey anime lovers! welcome to a new question, Does Sung Jin Woo Meet His Father in Solo Leveling? But before that, do you know who is Sung Jin Woo’s dad? Is he even alive or is he dead? Well, Today, we are going to discuss what happened to Sung Jin Woo’s father with facts from the webtoon.

In solo leveling, from the start, there is a mystery around Sung Jin Woo’s father. The series also did not clarify his whereabouts. All we know is that Sung Jin Woo lost his father when he was young. And his mom got sick from something called eternal sleep, due to too much Mana.

So, in this blog post, we’re going Reveal all the information about Sung Jin Woo’s dad. Who he is? Where he might be? and what is his importance in the story?


1. Who is Sung Jin Woo’s Father?

Does Sung Jin Woo Meet His Father?

The Name of Sung Jin Woo’s father is Sung Il-Hwan. We have very little information about his personality and characteristics. Before the Dungeon breakouts and Hunter Awakening incidents happened, he was a firefighter. He was always ready to save people’s lives as mentioned by Jin Woo’s mother.

During firefighting life, he fell in love with Park Kyung-Hye (Sung Jin Woo’s mother) and Later married her. After the Awakening incidents, He gets awakened with the power of an S-Class hunter. He had one son and one daughter named Jin Woo and Jinah respectively.

One day while clearing a dungeon raid he suddenly disappeared. During that time Sung Jin Woo was young. After a long Investigation and thorough search, Sung Jin Woo’s father was presumed dead in that Dungeon raid. Sung Jin Woo hated his father for disappearing and leaving his mother in so much pain.

2. Is Sung Jin Woo’s Father Alive?

Contrary to what everyone assumed, Sung Jin Woo’s father, Sung Il-Hwan, was indeed alive in that dungeon raid. However, without access to food and water, he had to starve for several days. During his Starvation, the Rulers discovered Sung Il-Hwan.


The rulers offered a deal to Sung Il-Hwan in exchange for his life. They tasked Sung Il-Hwan with a mission: to kill the Shadow Monarch who was soon going to appear in the human world on Planet Earth. As we know Shadow Monarch is none other than his son Sung Jin Woo.

Unknowingly Sung Il-Hwan accepted the deal and was saved By the rulers. After some time when Jin Woo was selected for Shadow Monarch’s vessel, the rulers released him. He was found inside an American Dungeon where he knocked out an entire team of A-rank squad.

3. How strong is Sung Jin Woo’s father?

How strong is Sung Jin Woo's father?

Before the disappearance of Sung Jin Woo’s father, he was an awakened Hunter. Sung Il-Hwan’s strength was equivalent to an S-rank hunter. But he didn’t get any recognition due to the lack of means to measure his strength at that time.

After his disappearance, he got help from the Rulers and got even more stronger. When he appeared again in an American Dungeon He was capable enough to defeat an entire squad of rank-A hunters. He Was so strong that, He effortlessly overpowered Hwang Dongsoo in combat, who was one of the S-rank hunters. Hwang Dongsoo had to take months of bed rest to recover from that fight.

Sung Il-Hwan was way stronger than an S rank Hunter or a National rank hunter. For example, Thomas was the strongest human hunter on Earth, besides Jin Woo. Even Thomas was defeated by the Beast Monarch. However, Sung Il-Hwan Was able to defend his son from two Monarchs. He was able to punch Beast Monarch through multiple buildings and defend against Frost Monarch. Which means he was at least strong enough to fight a mid-level Monarch and defeat him.

4. Does Sung Jin Woo Meet His Father?

Yes, he did! Near the end of the story, Sung Jin Woo gets to meet his dad, Sung Il-Hwan. This meeting was a big deal because Sung Jin Woo was in the midst of an Intense fight with other Monarchs. In the middle of the fight, when Sung Jin Woo was about to lose, he got a black heart from the previous shadow Monarch.

But He needed some time to Implant the heart and power up. In that desperate time, Sung Il-Hwan came out of hiding. And Helped his son get the Inheritance of the shadow monarch. At first, he made a deal with the powerful Rulers. He promised to kill the Shadow Monarch, not knowing it was his own son, Sung Jin Woo.

But when he figured out Shadow Monarch’s identity, he broke the deal with the Rulers. From this incident, we get to know more about, what kind of a person Sung Jin Woo’s father is. Although Sung Jin Woo hated his father all this time. His dad was a loving husband and caring father.

5. Sacrifice of Sung Jin Woo’s father

The most heartbreaking part was when Sung Jin Woo’s father Sacrificed his life for his son. After the battle between the monarchs and our hero Jin Woo finished. Sung Il-Hwan Realises he broke the deal between him and the rulers. So he’s going to die. During his last movements, he and his son had an emotional conversation which was very sad to see.

conversation between Jin Woo and his dad; Before his death

  • His dad: I did not want you to see this side of me
  • Jin Woo: Father…
  • His dad: Did you hate me?
  • Jin Woo: yes… sometimes
  • His dad: I am sorry…
  • Jin Woo: I thought of you when I started as a hunter,
  • Jin Woo: Each time I had a brush with death, each time I made it back home… I heated you.
  • Jin Woo: But I also Missed you
  • Jin Woo: What about you
  • Jin Woo: Did you miss m… I mean Us
  • His dad: yes… not a moment goes by without thinking about you.

Final thoughts

Sung Jin Woo’s Father had a very low screen time in the series. We fans did not even know that he was alive at first. But Solo Leveling did a fantastic job introducing him with a very good background story. In a very few time frame, we fans connected with the character and enjoyed the chemistry between him and Jin Woo.

Sung Il-Hwan Interfered the battle between his son and the monarchs and saved his son. Even sacrificing his life in the end to protect his son, definitely had a very good impact on the story.

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