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Welcome science and anime fans. Are you excited about Dr Stone Season 4?

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of watching it, Dr. Stone is not your typical post-apocalyptic anime. The show follows the genius teenager Senku Ishigami who awakens in a world where all of humanity has been mysteriously become stone for thousands of years.

In this blog post, we’ll cover what’s coming up in Season 4, dive into the major story arcs, introduce the important characters, talk about the people who make the show, and, of course, reveal what we know about the Dr Stone Season 4 release date. So, without further due start our journey.


Plot of Dr Stone (Spoiler Free)

Plot of Dr. Stone

Here is a spoiler-free summary of the plot of Dr. Stone:

One day, a mysterious light in the sky petrifies all humans on Earth into stone. Thousands of years later, high school student Senku Ishigami awakens and finds himself alone in a world of statues.

Senku soon runs into his schoolmate Taiju Oki and his friend Yuzuriha Ogawa, who also broke free from stone.

Senku, who is incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable about science, decides to use his skills to revive humanity and rebuild civilization. He takes a scientific approach, slowly creating inventions that will help them survive and progress step by step.


Senku and his friends encounter other humans who are de-petrified, including Tsukasa Shishio (villain), a powerful fighter. Tsukasa disagrees with Senku about reviving all of humanity and a conflict starts between them.

More people join Senku’s cause, and they work together to create things like electricity, iron, batteries, and more. They formed the Kingdom of Science to stand against Tsukasa’s Empire of Might. Through science and ingenuity, Senku aims to discover the cause of the mysterious petrification and save humankind.

Recap of Dr Stone Season 1,2,3

Story Arcs (Spoilers) up to Dr Stone Season 4

1. Prologue Saga:

Strange forces turned all of humanity into stone, putting an end to our way of life. After being trapped in stone for 3,700 years, two people, Senku Ishigami and Taiju Oki, somehow break free from their stony slumber. Senku is determined to figure out what freed them, which could be the key to bringing everyone back to life.

In the Vs. Tsukasa Arc, Tsukasa shares his plan to bring back only good-hearted young people to make the world better. Senku, Taiju, and Yuzuriha set out on a mission to stop Tsukasa’s plan from happening.”

ARC:Anime episodes:Manga Chapters:
Stone Formula Arc:2(ep1-2)4(ch1-4)
Vs. Tsukasa Arc:3(ep3-5)8(ch5-12)

2. Ishigami Village Saga:

After sending Taiju and Yuzuriha as undercover agents to Tsukasa, Senku meets Kohaku and her primitive village. With the support of local helpers, including a skilled individual, Senku starts creating his Kingdom of Science. Over time, he earns the village’s trust.

To get the last ingredient for the sulfa drug and save Ruri, the Kingdom of Science participates in the village games. Ruri is eventually rescued, and she shares the final story from the Hundred Tales, which unveils the village’s true history.

ARC:Anime episodes:Manga Chapters:
Kingdom of Science Arc:9(ep5-13)21(ch13-33)
Village Games Arc:3(ep13-15)7(ch34-40)
Village Origins Arc:3(ep15-17)5(ch41-45)

3. Stone Wars Saga:

Now that Senku is the leader of Ishigami Village, he has to keep everyone safe from an attack led by Hyoga, who is Tsukasa’s right-hand person. They managed to fend off the Empire’s attack for the time being, but both sides needed to get ready for a big battle in the spring.

Tsukasa is bringing back a lot more fighters, while Senku decides to use information tactics instead of traditional warfare.

ARC:Anime episodes:Manga Chapters:
Vs. Hyoga Arc:2(ep18-19)5(ch46-50)
Communications Arc:16(ep20-35)32(ch51-82)

4. Source of the Petrification Saga:

To figure out what caused the petrification on the other side of the world, the Kingdom of Science had to build a boat to cross the ocean. But, they face a problem since the cave that had the special fluid is gone. They need platinum to make more of it.

So, they go to Treasure Island and meet new people. Unfortunately, they find out that these folks have the power to turn others into stone statues, and it leads to a sad situation.

ARC:Anime episodes:Manga Chapters:
Age of Exploration Arc:7(ep35-41)18(ch83-100)
Treasure Island Arc:Onging38(ch100-138)

5. The Truth of the Petrification Saga‏‎:

The Perseus goes to North America to create Corn City, where they make the fluid to bring people back to life. They’re followed by Stanley. Senku and his team go to South America, where the first petrification happened all around the world. They’re also followed by Stanley.

ARC:Anime episodes:Manga Chapters:
New America City Arc:TBA31(ch139-169)
South America Arc:TBA24(ch170-193)

Major Characters In Dr Stone Season 4

characters of dr stone

Senku Ishigami(M.C.) Our protagonist, also a teen scientist, who is determined to use science to rebuild the world. He’ll face new challenges as the Kingdom of Science explores new places in Dr Stone Season 4.

Taiju Oki – Senku’s childhood friend with super strength. He is helping Senku on missions and supporting his love interest, Yuzuriha.

Yuzuriha Ogawa – A skilled girl who learned crafting from her dad. She is the love interest of Taiju Oki.

Chrome – A curious villager who becomes Senku’s eager science student. He’ll be central as they experiment and create new things.

Kohaku – A strong hunter who befriends Senku and the Kingdom of Science, serving as a key fighter and protector in Dr Stone Season 4.

Gen Asagiri – A former foe turned ally, skilled in mental tricks and strategy.

Ryusui Nanami – A young sailor with great skills who joins the Kingdom of Science. His expertise will be crucial if they venture across the seas in Dr Stone Season 4.

Tsukasa Shishio – A powerful fighter who was once Senku’s opponent and now has a truce. They might clash again in Dr Stone Season 4 due to their differing beliefs.

Cast and Crew

Japanese Voice Cast:

  • Yusuke Kobayashi as Senku Ishigami
  • Makoto Furukawa as Taiju Oki
  • Kana Ichinose as Yuzuriha Ogawa
  • Gen Sato as Chrome
  • Manami Numakura as Kohaku
  • Junichi Suwabe as Ryusui Nanami
  • Ricco Fajardo as Senku (English)

For Dr Stone season 4, fans can expect the main Japanese voice cast to return to reprise their roles. The show has been licensed by Funimation for English dubbing.


  • Shinya IinoDirector
  • Yuichiro Kido – Writer
  • TMS Entertainment – Animation Studio
  • Boichi – Original Manga Artist
  • Riichiro Inagaki – Original Manga Writer
  • Hiroaki Tsutsumi Music Composer

Director Shinya Iino and writer Yuichiro Kido will likely continue heading up the anime adaptation at TMS Entertainment studio. Manga creators Boichi and Riichiro Inagaki will continue to provide source material and guidance for the anime.

Dr Stone Season 4 Release Date

Expected Release Date Timer(Expected)

00 Years
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Dr Stone Season 4 Release Date

Currently, Dr Stone Season 3 Part 2 is being released. So as of now, Dr Stone Season 4 has not been officially confirmed to be in production or given a release date. However, if the fourth season is announced soon, fans can make some educated guesses about when it might air based on the previous seasons’ timelines.

Dr Stone Season 3 Part 2 will be finished towards the end of December 2023. If we take the continuity of the previous seasons, they will announce the Dr Stone season 4 in that period. This series generally takes an 8-12 months break for a new installment. From this, we can expect Dr Stone season 4 Between 2025 winter to spring.

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Dr Stone Season 4 English Dub Release Date

As we previously discussed Dr Stone Season 4 has not been officially confirmed. So naturally we can just speculate its English dub release date. If we take the example of season 3, the sub and dub are being released simultaneously in the USA.

If Season 4 airs in Japan In 2025 winter to spring, the English dub may follow with a delay of 1 week or 2 weeks from the official airing,(i.e. if we are Luckey). An official announcement will likely be made closer to the Japanese premiere.

Where To Watch

Here are the Legal platforms, where you can enjoy Dr. Stone Season 4 Online streaming in USA\Caneda.

Crunchyroll – All 3 seasons of Dr. Stone can be streamed on Crunchyroll in Japanese audio with subtitles. The platform has the right to simulcast new episodes if Dr Stone Season 4 is announced.

Funimation – The dubbed English version of Dr. Stone is available on Funimation. The platform also has Japanese audio with subtitles.

Hulu – Dr. Stone seasons 1-3 are currently available for streaming on Hulu with dubbed English and original Japanese audio options.

Amazon Prime – Past seasons of Dr. Stone are available for Prime members to stream in subtitled and dubbed formats. Dr Stone Season 4 may be added once released.

Final Thoughts

With its Ingenious blend of science fiction, adventure, and inventiveness, Dr. Stone has carved out a unique place in the anime world. Fans are invested in the eccentric Senku’s goal of rebuilding civilization through the power of science.

Viewers hope season 4 provides a thrilling conclusion to the saga.

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