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Demon Slayer is a gripping anime and manga series that grabs audiences with its intense battles and amazing characters. Even though all fighters in the series are great Hashira is recognized as the most elite fighter. They are at the pinnacle of the Demon Slayer Corps and play a crucial role in the battle against Upper Moon demons.

As the seasons are released one by one, many people have a burning question which is whether Tanjiro Kamado becomes a Hashira or not. This post will contain a lot of spoilers!!! If you have patience, then you can wait for the episodes to get released. If you want to know the answer right now, then this article explores Tanjiro’s journey, his qualifications, and the various challenges he faces on his path within the Corps to become a Hashira.

Tanjiro Kamado’s Journey

Tanjiro Kamado starts his saga in tragedy after his family is slaughtered by demons excluding his sister Nezuko. She is transformed into a demon herself. Because of this event, Tanjiro is driven by 3 goals:-

  • Avenging his family
  • Curing Nezuko
  • Annihilating all the Demons

Tanjiro joins the Demon Slayer Corps and quickly distinguishes himself with his kindness and unyielding resolve.

The Requirements to Become a Hashira

A Hashira is one of the elite demon slayers within the Demon Slayer Corps. It requires a demon slayer to meet exceptionally high standards of strength, skill, and character.

Demon Kill Count: One fundamental requirement is achieving a significant demon kill count. A demon slayer must have defeated at least 50 demons or have successfully killed a member of the Twelve Kizuki(Upper Moon Demon). They are the most powerful demons directly under Muzan Kibutsuji​

Rank and Recognition: The slayer must be ranked as Kinoe. It is the highest rank possible before becoming a Hashira. This rank reflects their experience and sustained performance in the field


Apprenticeship and Succession: A different pathway to becoming a Hashira is through apprenticeship as a Tsuguko or a successor to a current Hashira. Tsuguko are typically chosen because of their extraordinary abilities and are considered the direct heirs to their mentors’ positions

Tanjiro’s Training and Battles

Tanjiro's Training and Battles

Tanjiro’s journey is filled with rigorous training and intense battles to test his skills. His initial training under Sakonji Urokodaki on Mt. Sagiri involves mastering the basics of the Water Breathing technique. It is a foundational battle style that served him well in his early battles. As the show progresses, Tanjiro’s ability to adapt and integrate other techniques into his fighting style becomes apparent​​.

One of the significant moments in Tanjiro’s training is his adoption of the Hinokami Kagura. It is a breathing style that he learned from his father’s dance. It was originally a ceremonial dance to ward off misfortune. This style significantly enhances his capabilities which gives him an edge in battles against some of the upper moon demons.

Hashira Training Arc

During this arc, each Hashira imparts their unique skills and knowledge to the trainees. They focus on enhancing their breathing techniques and combat skills. The training for Tanjiro was intense. The sessions were designed to push the slayers to their limits and beyond. Tanjiro used this opportunity to master the Sun Breathing technique.

Notable Battles

Tanjiro’s notable battles include the fight against Rui. He is a member of the Twelve Kizuki. Tanjiro’s strategic mind and mastery of the Water Breathing and Hinokami Kagura techniques allowed him to protect his sister and himself against Rui.

Another significant battle was with Akaza. He is also an Upper-Rank demon. During the battles, Tanjiro pushed his skills to the limits (Almost near-Hashira-level powers).

Why Tanjiro Did Not Become Hashira?

Does Tanjiro Become a Hashira?

Despite Tanjiro’s remarkable growth and accomplishments he has achieved throughout the series, he never officially becomes a Hashira. You might be shocked by this answer but… This is the truth. The final decision for Tanjiro as Hashira is influenced by several events towards the series’ climax.

The Demon Slayer Corps faces a new reality after the intense and decisive battle against Muzan Kibutsuji. Muzan’s defeat signifies the end of the major demon threats that the corps was established to combat. As the primary goal was accomplished, the role of Hashira started fading away

Everyone realized that there was no need for demon slayers. He had demonstrated his abilities and virtues equal to or surpassing those of existing Hashira. Tanjiro’s journey was driven by the goal of defeating demons and protecting humanity. So the peaceful new world he helped create no longer requires Hashiras

Tanjiro’s Legacy and Impact

Even though he did not achieve the official title of Hashira, Tanjiro has contributed a lot.

His continuous fight for justice with his deep compassion for others(even demons) sets a new moral compass for the Demon Slayers following him. His actions lead to a significant shift in how demons are viewed. It changed the perspective of others to see them not just as enemies but as victims of Muzan Kibutsuji’s manipulation.​

Tanjiro’s influence extends beyond the battlefield. His teachings and values are passed down to the next generation of Demon Slayers


Although he never officially becomes a Hashira, his achievements surpass the need for titles. His journey from a grief-stricken boy to a warrior who played a pivotal role in eradicating the demon threat has inspired countless others, both within and outside the series.

His legacy is not defined by the titles he did not attain but by the lives he touched and the peace he helped to achieve.

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