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Welcome Demon Slayer fans. Demon Slayer is a series that has kept us audiences on the edge. As Season 3 wrapped up, We fans have new questions. Nezuko Kamado did something unheard of for a demon. She became immune to sunlight, for the first time in demon history.

As we saw in the series Demon King Muzan getting overly excited over this. As the one, who has long wished to conquer the sun. Hence the question Does Nezuko Die in Season 4? Now that the Dimon king Muzan is after the blood of Nezuko. How Nezuko’s story unfolds in the upcoming season 4.

Let us discuss the intricacies of Nezuko’s journey. And explore the Story of Nezuko in DS 4 in the Manga.


spoiler alert: this article will contain spoilers from the manga.

Does Nezuko Die in Season 4

Demon Slayer Season 3 Ending Explained

As Demon Slayer Season 3 drew to a close, it left us fans with surprising events and a cliffhanger. In the Swordsmith Village arc, two Hashiras fought and defended the villagers against the Upper Moons. Tanjiro and Nezuko played a crucial role in defeating Upper Moon Four, Hantengu, alongside the Love Hashira.

The season’s climax brought a tough choice for Tanjiro: save his burning sister Nezuko or the innocent villagers. Nezuko, selflessly, pushed him to prioritize the villagers’ safety.

The most surprising moment happens when Nezuko becomes the first demon to conquer the sun. She became the first demon on whom sunlight had no effect.


As we saw in the series this made Demon King Muzan tremble in excitation. Because he has long since wanted to conquer the sun. His fascination with Nezuko’s ability makes Nezuko an obvious target. This raises the question Does Nezuko Die in Season 4?

Nezuko burning.

Does Nezuko Die in Season 4?

To answer the question Does Nezuko Die in Season 4? In short, no, Nezuko will indeed survive in Season 4 of Demon Slayer. Reports suggest that the upcoming season will primarily focus on Hashira’s training arc. It will cover approximately nine chapters of the manga.

This arc delves into Tanjiro’s training under the guidance of the Stone Hashira. It will be Tanjiro’s last preparation before meeting Mujan

Moreover, the anime is poised to set the stage for the final showdown known as “the Infinity Castle arc.” In the manga storyline, Nezuko emerges as one of the characters who survive this ultimate battle.

Her survival is confirmed in the source material. It is also confirmed that she got married to Zenitsu after the battle.

Story of Nezuko in DS 4

During the Hashira training arc in Season 4, Nezuko took medicine from Lady Tamayo. During this time he was in the care of Sakonji Urokodaki, the previous Water Hashira.

Later during the Final battle Nezuko suddenly woke up sensing Tanjiro in Denger. She ran towards Tanjiro to help him in his final struggle. Sakonji Urokodaki tried to stop her but she ran away. After some chasing, she jumped from a cliff. so Sakonji Urokodaki let her go.

We see that she completely transforms into a human while running. She could remember what happened to her family. How she turned into a demon. And also, how Tanjiro carried her in the snow to treat her wounds.

Plot Armor Can’t Let Nezuko Die

In the series, whenever Nezuko is close to death, something always happens to save her. Like if a scary demon is about to hurt her. Suddenly something always comes up to stop it. Maybe it’s her friends who arrive just in time. Or she out of nowhere finds a hidden power inside her to fight back.

Plot armor is not always a bad thing. Every anime/manga uses it to progress the story. In the case of Demon Slayer Nezuko’s sole purpose is to push Tanjiro.

If Nezuko dies in the middle of the series then the character arc will not be completed. So no matter how bad things get, Nezuko always manages to escape danger.

How Did Nezuko Die?

As per the confirmed details from the manga, Nezuko did not meet her end even after the final battle. Instead, she continued to live a fulfilling life, finding happiness alongside her life partner, Zenitsu.

Manga showed that she got married to Zenitsu. They shared romantic movements with each other. For the shake of Nezuko, Zenitsu became more mature and responsible. He also wrote a book about the shared good moments during his old age.

However, as fans, we can guess that Nezuko’s passing likely occurred off-screen. She died naturally due to old age peacefully without any accident. The narrative doesn’t explicitly detail the circumstances of her eventual demise.

In The End…

Nezuko is without a doubt one of the most fan-favorite characters. Her involvement in the series is necessary for our hero Tanjiro to defeat Mujan. Although we see demon king Mujan take an interest in Nezuko. We fans can guess that the series can not afford to let Nezuko die.

Because she is one of the main reasons the show started. Without her, the series will lose its purpose. So for our question Does Nezuko Die in Season 4? Without any worry, we fans can enjoy our cute Nezuko getting screen time in the upcoming season 4 as well as season 5.

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