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BoJack Horseman, the titular character from the Netflix animated series, has become one of the most complex and compelling characters in contemporary television. An anthropomorphic horse with a human personality, BoJack’s character is as deep and multi-layered as they come. But have you ever stopped to ponder the question, “What if BoJack Horseman was human?” Let’s dive into this whimsical exploration together, riding a wave of creativity, and even touching on how AI art interprets BoJack Horseman as a human.

The first episode of this animated show from the USA premiered on August 22, 2014. BoJack Horseman’s character is an amalgamation of humor, darkness, self-loathing, and a pinch of optimism that occasionally shines through. His struggles with addiction, depression, and self-destructive behavior have led viewers on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

His anthropomorphic horse appearance contributes to the show’s surreal charm, but imagining him as a human forces us to peer more deeply into the essence of his character. So, let’s saddle up and see where this journey takes us.


How I Got the Idea of BoJack Horseman as a Human?

I was just researching some topics to write about and while exploring many topics, I found the keyword “bojack horseman as a human“. It was kind of funny for me as many people are interested in seeing Bojack as a human. At first, I ignored this keyword then all of a sudden I realized, how AI such as Midjourney and DALL E 2 interpret Bojack Horseman Human Form. It just increased my curiosity as I wanted to know how AI and humans interpret Bojack as a human

How I Interpret Human Bojack Horseman?

To reimagine BoJack as a human, we must first dive into the heart of his character. Known for his gruff charm, carefree lifestyle, and the ever-present shadow of melancholy in his eyes, BoJack is the epitome of a flawed protagonist. As a human, he would likely be a middle-aged man with a penchant for casual, with a graying hairline, and slightly unkempt fashion – think of a perpetually worn-out yet comfortable sweater, reminiscent of his iconic Horsin’ Around apparel.

If I were to imagine BoJack as a human, we would have to consider his most distinct traits. His rough-around-the-edges charm and his perpetual five o’clock shadow indicate his carefree, sometimes neglectful attitude towards his appearance. His wardrobe would predominantly feature his iconic Horsin’ Around sweater, replaced now with a comfortable, human-sized version.

BoJack’s lifestyle and personality would probably manifest in his human physicality. Despite these hardened aspects, his expressive eyes would retain a flicker of vulnerability, mirroring the complexity of the character we have all grown to connect with.


His human form would also carry an air of faded Hollywood glamour. BoJack’s history as a washed-up sitcom star would lend him a certain aura, a mixture of charisma tinged with the bitterness of unfulfilled potential. Just as in his equine form, Human BoJack would be a walking paradox, an embodiment of charm and despair, both captivating and heartbreakingly raw.

Images of Human Bojack Horseman from different artists

Human Bojack Horseman by a Reddit User
Image Credit: – Bojack Horseman Reddit
Bojack Horseman as a Human by a Reddit User
Image Credit: – Bojack Horseman Reddit
Bojack as a human by an Online artist
Image Credit: – Narumiko Arts
Human version of Bojack Horseman and other characters
Image Credit: – Bojack Horseman Reddit

How AI Interprets Bojack Horseman as a Human

Taking a more avant-garde approach, let’s consider the fascinating concept of AI-generated art interpreting BoJack Horseman as a human. AI, with its complex algorithms and machine learning capabilities, can offer a unique perspective. It can deconstruct BoJack’s character, analyzes his traits, and reimagines him as a human based on the data it has been fed. What’s mesmerizing about this process is how AI can combine the objective with the subjective, creating interpretations that are both grounded in data and open to interpretation. I mean, that’s what I thought though………..

What I first thought about Human Bojack Horseman AI Art

AI-generated art of Human BoJack might portray him with stark realism, highlighting the physical signs of his trials and tribulations. Alternatively, it might opt for a more symbolic representation, using colors, shapes, and forms to convey his emotional state. The result could be a breathtaking blend of technology and creativity, offering a fresh lens through which to view our favorite troubled TV horse—err, man.

DALL-E’s Bojack Horseman Human Version

DALL-E's Bojack Horseman as a Human

These 4 images are created by DALL-E 2 by OpenAI when I gave it the prompt “How would BoJack Horseman be as a human?”. It really seems funny how this AI interprets it😂, It is not even a human. I do not if I properly wrote the prompt or not but it is not even close to the human interpretation of Bojack Horseman. I got this image from DALL-E on 05/17/2023 USA. I mentioned it because AI is learning every day and in the future, if AI generated more accurate image then it must be because you have given it prompt after so many days of this image being generated

What would Bojack look like as a human by Midjourney

Image 1
Image 2

Both these images are created by MidJourney. Even though both these images are not even close to the art created by humans but I think better prompts can help us to create better results. Keep in mind I am using Midjourney 4.2. So if you use Midjourney 5.1 with the same prompts, you might get better results.

Prompt for Image 1: – Bojack horseman as human

Prompt for Image 2: – BoJack Horseman transformed into a human, standing in a dimly lit room with cracked walls and peeling wallpaper, a worn-out armchair in the corner, his expression reflecting a mix of sadness and weariness, captured in a realistic and poignant photograph, using a full-frame DSLR with a 50mm lens, –ar 4:3 –v photography

Conclusion: BoJack Horseman Human – A Universal Appeal

Imagining BoJack Horseman as a human is more than a simple exercise in character redesign. It’s an exploration of his identity, stripped of his anthropomorphic features, leaving us with a character that is painfully and beautifully human. The beauty of BoJack’s character, whether as a horse or a human, lies in his relatability. He is deeply flawed, yet striving for redemption, and it’s this struggle that resonates with us, regardless of his species

Whether as a horse or a human, BoJack Horseman’s story resonates with audiences because of its raw depiction of human emotions and experiences. The exploration of BoJack as a human and the interpretation of AI art brings new insights to the table. Even though Human Art is far better here, but I think with Midjourney 5.1 and with better prompts, AI will outtake human art.

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