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Welcome, Solo Leveling fans! Today, we have a new topic: Who is Sung Jin Woo wife In Solo Leveling? Solo Leveling doesn’t explore much into the romance aspect of Sung Jin Woo. But there are instances where characters like Cha Hae In and Lee Joohee develop feelings for him.

In this blog post, we’ll specifically focus on the love interests of Sung Jin Woo. We’ll explore a few girls he showed interest in. And eventually, we will discuss whom he chose to be his wife. Please read to the end to see who he finally ends up with.

Who Does Sung Jin Woo End Up With

Lee Joohee Cared Deeply About Sung Jin Woo

Lee Joohee was very close to Sung Jin Woo in the early chapters of Solo Leveling. She is one of the initial characters introduced. Also, She is one of the very few characters who supported Jin Woo during his struggling days. She is a B-class hunter specializing in healing. Despite being a higher-class hunter, she is weak-hearted and only hunts in lower-rank dungeons.

Lee Joohee Cared Deeply About Sung Jin Woo

During the first arc of the series, known as “The Double Dungeon Arc,” we see Lee Joohee taking care of Sung Jin Woo. Throughout this arc, She stands out as the only individual, who is genuinely concerned about Jin Woo’s well-being. Jin Woo was getting injured repeatedly even when facing weak monsters. So Lee Joohee had to heal him again and again. She was very angry with Jin Woo and asked him, why he was putting his life in danger despite being so weak.

Seeing her being angry, Jin Woo Promises her dinner after clearing the double dungeon. We also see Jin Woo blushing for a moment. Unfortunately, we did not see any progress in their relationship in the future. Because She was terrified of a hunter’s life after witnessing the massacre in the double dungeon. And she could not get over her trauma. So she retired from being a hunter.

Chemistry Between Sung Jin Woo And Cha Hae In

Cha Hae In was introduced In Solo Leveling as one of the nine strongest S-class hunters in South Korea. Sung Jin Woo And Cha Hae In meet each other for the first time during an A-class Dungeon Raid organized by the Hunters Guild.

Where Jin Woo, was undercover and joined the Dungeon Raid as a miner. Despite This, Cha Hae In sensed something strange about him. She was blessed with a very strong nose and could sense a scent with a higher intensity. but she could not smell any kind of scent from Jin Woo.

Sung Jin Woo And Cha Hae In

After witnessing Jin Woo’s power at first hand she fell in love with him. However, Jin Woo remained unaware of her affections. Cha Hae In Tried different kinds of stuff to get close to Jin Woo. She applied to join Jin Woo’s guild and even asked him for a date. Despite her efforts, Jin Woo Ignored her completely as he was busy in his daily life.

Sung Jin Woo Had no Interest in Love Life

In Solo Leveling, Sung Jin Woo rarely has free time. Whether training or clearing dungeons, his schedule was always packed up. Whenever he does get a break in between, he always chooses to spend it with his family. Especially after his mother recovered from the disease of “eternal sleep”.

He had constant threats and responsibilities after his reawakening. So Sung Jin Woo has little leisure to think about his safety or happiness. This constant state of focus and tension made him stronger. But it left a little room for thoughts about a love life.

Despite being emotionless and having a poker face all the time he was a caring person. He was serious about protecting his friends and family So he left a shadow to everyone for emergency. He also protected Cha Hae In in Jeju Island Arc. He showed Concern about Cha Hae In And helped her to heal.

Who Does Sung Jin Woo Marry?

At the end of the Solo Leveling, Sung Jin Woo finally ends up with Cha Hae In. At first, the love of Cha Hae In was only one-sided. But Jin Woo acknowledges Cha Hae as his life partner.

Sung Jin Woo With His Wife And Son

In the original timeline of Solo Leveling, he didn’t end up with anyone. However, after using the Cup of Reincarnation, he regressed and reset the timeline. This time, he took the initiative and proposed to Cha Hae In himself.

Then they got married and had a son named Sung Suho. Jin Woo also restored Cha Hae In’s memories of the first timeline. Cha Hae was also able to feel the powers of the Shadow Monarch inside Jin Woo.

To Sum Up

To sum it up, Sung Jin Woo’s romantic journey in Solo Leveling concludes with him choosing Cha Hae In as his life partner. We Solo leveling fans enjoyed the small romantic chemistry between both of them. Although it was very late, Jin Woo finally realized where his heart lay. And what he needed to do to complete the story arc of his love.

If you have any thoughts about with whom Sung Jin Woo should have ended up. We would love to know about it. You can also give us feedback about more topics we should write about like this in the comments section below.

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