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Welcome, Solo Leveling anime fans! Did you enjoy Season 1? If you did, then you must be eager to see Sung Jin Woo in action again. Solo Leveling Anime Season 1 ended its run on March 30, 2024, with 13 episodes. Right after it ended, Crunchyroll released a teaser for Solo Leveling Season 2 and confirmed its arrival on the platform. However, the teaser was missing one crucial detail: Solo Leveling Season 2 Release Date.

So Naturally everyone wants to know when the next installment of Solo Leveling anime is coming out. In this blog post, we’ll discuss every new update and provide the information you need to know about Solo Leveling Season 2 Release Date. We will also give you a brief recap of the major story arcs from Season 1

Furthermore, we’ll discuss the returning and new characters we are going to see in the upcoming season. And provide you an approximate Solo Leveling Season 2 Release Date for USA, UK, and worldwide viewers. So, let’s start.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Release Date

Recap of Solo Leveling Season 1

With a 13-episode run, Season 1 of Solo Leveling adapted the first 45 chapters of the webtoon. These chapters covered a total of 7 story arcs, both small and large. Let’s briefly recap Season 1 by going through all the covered story arcs.

1. D-Rank Dungeon Arc: In this arc, Sung Jin Woo joins a hunter party to explore a D-rank dungeon. Unknowingly, they got trapped in an S-rank Double Dungeon. Many from the Jin Woo’s party Couldn’t survive. In the end, Sung Jin Woo sacrifices himself to save the others.

2. Reawakening Arc: Miraculously, Jin Woo survived his death and can now see a system. The system helps Sung Jin Woo to get into shape by providing daily exercise goals. Jin Woo Also got an instant dungeon key by completing the goals.

3. Instant Dungeon Arc: Using an instant dungeon key, Jin Woo enters a dungeon alone. He successfully kills all the monsters inside and the dungeon boss. After the raid, Jin Woo Gained experience and became strong enough to defeat a D-rank monster on his way out.


4. Dungeon & Lizards Arc: Jin Woo joins a C-rank strike squad for easy money. However, his party members betrayed him and tried to kill him. Jin Woo manages to kill all the traitors and the dungeon boss while making it out alive.

5. Dungeon & Prisoners Arc: all the survivors of the Double Dungeon Incident got reunited for raiding a dungeon. This time, they had to work with awakened prisoners due to an association’s instruction. During the mission, Jin Woo uncovers and eliminates a corrupt employee of the hunter’s association.

6. Yoo Jinho Raid Party Arc: In this small arc, in which Jin Woo partners with Yoo Jin-ho to clear dungeons solo. They just gathered the required head counts for a dungeon and then Jin Woo solo clears it.

7. Job Change Arc: Jin Woo gets a job change quest from the system. To complete the quest Jin Woo enters another instant dungeon. There, he faces a formidable Red Knight and an army of undead soldiers. After defeating them, he attains the title of Shadow Monarch and uses his “Arise” ability for the first time.

Jin Woo Fighting with Red Knight

What to Expect from Solo Leveling Season 2

You can expect Jin Woo’s actions in the Dungeon & Lizards Arc, where he killed Hwang Dongsuk, to have some consequences. Hwang Dongsuk’s elder brother is an S-rank hunter and currently lives in America. He is trying to find out who killed his brother and will surely come for Jin Woo.

Sung Jin Woo’s Arise ability will surely be explored more. He will be able to summon and control more powerful monsters as his subordinates than now. As a result, he will be able to clear more dangerous dungeons solo.

A major plotline in Season 2 will be Jin Woo going to the Demon Castle Dungeon to get a cure for her mother. It is already teased that the Dungeon is very dangerous and could be of S-Rank.

Returning and new Characters in Solo Level Season 2

Returning Characters:

Sung Jin WooThe protagonist starts as the weakest E-rank hunter and becomes incredibly powerful surpassing even S-rank.
Yoo Jin-hoA wealthy but inexperienced hunter who becomes Jin Woo’s close friend and raid partner.
Song Chi-YulA C-Rank hunter who survived the double dungeon incident. He is just an old man now who lost his arms.
Kim ChulA member of the White Tiger Guild who participates in the dungeon raids.
Kang Tae ShikA corrupt B-Rank employee from the Hunters Association who tried to kill Jin Woo
Sung Jin-AhJin Woo’s younger sister. She doesn’t want her younger brother to get hurt.
Park Kyung-HyeJin Woo’s mother. She was suffering from Eternal Sleep disease, which is one of the main motivations of Sung Jin Woo.
Red KnightA very strong knight opponent in the Job Change Arc. Jin Woo used his ability “Arise” on him and made him his Subordinate.
Sung Jin Woo

New Characters:

Unlike in the webtoon, all the major characters were briefly introduced at the start of season 1. So let’s discuss all the new characters who have slightly more screen time.

Go Gun-heeThe chairman of the Korean Hunters Association is a former S-rank Hunter. Currently, he is looking for a successor for him.
Cha Hae-inShe is a dear friend and a potential love interest for Jin Woo. She is also one of the top S-Rank hunters in South Korea.
Hwang DongsooElder brother of Hwang Dongsuk whom Sung Jin Woo killed. He seeks revenge for his brother’s death.
Jin-Woo’s Shadow SoldiersJin Woo will get more and stronger shadow soldiers in his army.
Baek Yoon-hoLeader of the White Tiger Guild, involved in several major events.
Choi Jong-inLeader of the Hunters Guild and one of the top hunters in South Korea.
Kim ChulA member of the White Tiger Guild and an A-rank Hunter.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Release Date and Time

Just after Solo Leveling Season 1 ended, Crunchyroll released a teaser announcing the next installment. Unfortunately, the teaser did not specify the exact release date for Solo Leveling Season 2. Initially, they were planning to release the next installment as the second part of Season 1. While aiming for a release in the fourth quarter of 2024.

However, according to some internal sources, the project has now been delayed. And now they are targeting a release in 2025. This is also what happened with Season 1, it was also delayed and eventually released in the winter of 2024. So we can reasonably assume that the Solo Leveling Season 2 Release Date will be by winter 2025 at the latest. The time will be the same for the USA, UK, and Worldwide.


Solo Leveling was one of the most popular anime in 2024 and broke numerous records. From achieving high viewership to crashing the internet it has done it all. So no doubt, fans are eagerly waiting to see Sung Jin Woo back in action.

With all the high expectations, we hope that Season 2 will satisfy our hunger for action. As we wait for the official release, let’s keep the excitement alive and prepare for the epic continuation of Jin Woo’s journey.

That wraps up our discussion on Solo Leveling Season 2. If you have any suggestions or thoughts, please share them in the comments section below. Your feedback helps us improve our content and provide the information you seek. Thank you for reading!

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