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Are you among them, who sees brown or black Anime characters rarely? Well, do not worry, I am gonna let you know about the Popular Brown or Black Anime Characters. Now, you may ask, why is it necessary to know bout these characters?. Well, diversity in anime adds richness and depth to the stories.

Dark Skinned or Black anime characters bring unique perspectives and experiences that can enhance the narrative. It removes racism and promotes equality to some extent. I am writing this blogpost because people wants to know the top 10 popular black anime characters along with their significance and why they are loved by fans.

Afro Samurai (Afro Samurai)

Afro Samurai is a legendary character known for his incredible swordsmanship. He has a desire for revenge after witnessing his father’s murder by a man named Justice. His life is around avenging his father and he also wants to claim the Number One headband(It is a symbol of ultimate power).


Afro is a complex character with a cold exterior which is because of his traumatic past and solitary path. He is haunted by memories and the relationships he once had. As the character of Afro Samurai is voiced by Samuel L. Jackson in the English version, the popularity and appeal is more. The anime series combines traditional samurai culture with modern influences like hip-hop which makes it unique for me at least​.

He has fought many intense battles and he has faced various enemies like robots and other skilled warriors. His skill with the sword is amazing, and his determination makes him a deadly opponent.

Afro Samurai stands out not only for his fighting skills but also for his deep and emotional storyline. This makes Afro Samurai one of the most popular black characters in anime.

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Yoruichi Shihouin (Bleach)

Yoruichi Shihouin (Bleach)

Yoruichi Shihouin is a female character from the anime Bleach. She is the former captain of the 2nd Division in Soul Society and also the former commander of the Stealth Forces. She comes from a noble family but she acts very differently from other nobles. You would see her in a more relaxed and playful side.

She has the unique ability to transform into a black cat at will and it allows her to disguise herself and move around unnoticed. This ability also changes her voice and you would then hear her male sound while in cat form. She is known as the Goddess of Flash as she has incredible speed and agility. Yoruichi has mastered the art of flash steps. It is a high-speed movement technique that makes her appear in multiple places at once.

As I have mentioned earlier, despite her noble background, She is very down-to-earth and prefers to be informal with her subordinates and friends. She plays a significant role in training and guiding key characters like Ichigo Kurosaki, Chad, and Orihime. Her knowledge and skills make her a valuable ally in the fight against various threats to Soul Society.

Killer Bee (Naruto Shippuden)

Naruto Shippuden has many memorable characters and Killer Bee is one of them. He is the Jinchuriki of the Eight-Tails. If you have watched the show then most probably you know that it means he has a powerful tailed beast sealed within him. You can see his unique and vibrant personality in the series and he is also into rapping and making rhymes. This adds a humorous element to the series for many users.

Killer Bee is not only entertaining but also extremely powerful. As I have already mentioned, he has complete control over the Eight-Tails and can transform into the beast at will. This control can allow him to take on multiple enemies at once. Bee’s combat skills are enhanced by his use of seven swords which he wields with great dexterity.

Killer Bee is a dedicated and loyal shinobi. His relationship with his tailed beast is also unique. Unlike many other Jinchuriki, they share a mutual respect and friendship.

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Michiko Malandro (Michiko & Hatchin)

Michiko Malandro is one of the main protagonists in the anime series Michiko & Hatchin. Michiko is an Afro-Brazilian woman with a bold personality. She has dark brown skin, gray eyes, and long, straight dark brown hair that reaches her waist. I feel that she has wild and independent nature and her attire often changes throughout the series

Michiko’s backstory is quite complex. She grew up as an orphan and later turned to a life of crime. She has escaped from one of the most heavily guarded prisons many times. The series begins with her breaking out of prison for the fourth time in search of her former lover (Hiroshi Morenos).

As the story progresses, it leads her to rescue Hana(also known as Hatchin) from an abusive foster family. She does that by crashing through their window on a motorbike. Michiko claims to know Hatchin’s father and convinces the young girl to join her in finding him.

Michiko’s relationship with Hatchin evolves from a simple partnership into a deep bond as the story moves forward. You would see Michiko showing a protective and nurturing side towards Hatchin many times. Her character is voiced by Yoko Maki in Japanese and Monica Rial in English.

Kaname Tōsen (Bleach)

Kaname Tōsen serves as the former captain of the 9th Division in the Gotei 13 which is the military force of Soul Society. His primary motivation is to create a world without violence. He has set this goal after the tragic death of his close friend. He was killed over a petty dispute.

Tōsen is unique as he is blind but still it did not hinder his abilities as a skilled fighter. He relies on his other senses and spiritual pressure to navigate and fight(Similar to daredevil). His Zanpakutō, Suzumushi, has multiple abilities like creating areas of complete sensory deprivation for his opponents

His path takes a dark turn when he allies himself with Sōsuke Aizen (the main antagonist of the series). He believes that Aizen’s vision of overthrowing the corrupt Soul Society aligns with his own ideals. However, this decision puts him at odds with his former comrades with tragic consequences.

He wants justice but ends up betraying others and facing moral questions. His deep voice and calm manner make him very impressive in the series.

Dutch (Black Lagoon)

Dutch (Black Lagoon)

Dutch is a central character in the anime Black Lagoon. He is the leader of the Lagoon Company which is a group of pirate mercenaries based in the fictional city of Roanapur. He is an African-American man with muscular build and calm demeanor and you would see him wearing sunglasses and camouflage pants

I found Dutch’s backstory to be fascinating. He is a former Marine who fought in the Vietnam War. Dutch went AWOL and eventually found his way to Thailand before the war ended. There, he began working as a mercenary. His tactical skills and leadership abilities are really good because of his military background. But there are hints in the manga that Dutch may have lied about his past. That is why, it adds a layer of mystery to his character.

In the series, Dutch serves as the captain of the PT boat Black Lagoon. He is responsible for negotiating contracts and managing the Lagoon Company’s operations. He generally tried to avoid direct combat as he prefers to strategize and give orders but he is still highly capable in a fight. Dutch holds a Remington 870 Marine Magnum shotgun and a Smith & Wesson 629 revolver.

His close association with Balalaika shows his ability to navigate the dangerous underworld of Roanapur. Dutch’s character is voiced by Tsutomu Isobe in Japanese and Dean Redman in English.

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Muhammad Avdol (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Muhammad Avdol is a significant character in Stardust Crusaders arc of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. He is a Stand user(his Stand name is Magician’s Red) which allows him to control fire. Avdol is a loyal and reliable ally to the protagonist (Jotaro Kujo) and his group and all of them wants to defeat the Dio Brando(main antagonist).

Avdol is of Egyptian descent and is portrayed as wise and experienced. He serves as a guide and mentor to the group and many times provide crucial information about their enemies and the nature of Stands. He has really good combat skills and strategic mind that makes him an invaluable member of the team.

Magician’s Red is incredibly powerful and capable of creating and manipulating fire with great precision. This ability can be both offensive and defensive that allows Avdol to fend off multiple adversaries and protect his allies.

He is willing to sacrifice himself to protect his friends and ensure their mission’s success. This dedication is evident in several critical moments throughout the series, where Avdol faces hard to defeat enemies with amazing courage.

His character is voiced by Kenta Miyake in Japanese and Chris Jai Alex in English, bringing a commanding presence to his role in the anime

Ninja Ninja (Afro Samurai)

Ninja Ninja is another fascinating character from the anime Afro Samurai. He plays the comedic and talkative role in the series which opposite to the stoic and silent Afro. Ninja Ninja’s role is complex, as he is not just a companion but also a manifestation of Afro’s inner thoughts and fears. Even this character is voiced by Samuel L. Jackson. He adds a dynamic layer to the story with his humorous and sometimes provocative commentary.

Ninja Ninja appears during critical moments in Afro’s journey. One of the critical moment was when Afro takes the Number 2 headband after a traumatic battle. He constantly advises Afro to retreat in the face of danger but it is the opposite of Afro’s relentless pursuit of vengeance.

Interestingly, Ninja Ninja is revealed to be a figment of Afro’s imagination. He was created from his guilt and regret over killing his master for the Number 2 headband. Other characters in the series generally do not interact with Ninja Ninja. It confirms the fact that his role is a mental construct rather than a physical entity.

Ninja Ninja’s presence brings a unique duality to the series. This duality is a central theme in the series which shows the Afro’s struggle with his past and his quest for inner peace​

Canary (Hunter x Hunter)

Canary (Hunter x Hunter)

Canary is a loyal butler to the Zoldyck family in the anime Hunter x Hunter. She serves as a gatekeeper at the Zoldyck estate and is highly skilled in combat even though she has a young age. Canary is a dark-skinned girl who takes her duties very seriously.

She is originally from Meteor City but later she was taken in by the Zoldyck family and trained to become a butler. Her loyalty to Killua Zoldyck is just amazing. She strictly follows all the family’s rules and is willing to fight to protect them.

Canary also has a compassionate side towards Killua. This is evident when she defies orders to help him. Her combat skills are formidable and this is why, she can defeat multiple opponents with ease. Canary uses a staff in battle and is adept at using Nen (it is the energy system in the Hunter x Hunter world).

Iris (Pokémon)

Iris is known for her strong bond with Dragon-type Pokémon. She is introduced as a traveling partner of Ash Ketchum during his journey in the Unova region. Iris is a spirited and adventurous girl from the Village of Dragons in Unova. Her dream is to become a Dragon Master.

Iris’s journey with Ash begins when she spots a storm caused by Zekrom and decides to join him on his adventures. She is playful and wild, often seen swinging from vines and climbing trees.

Iris trains several powerful Pokémon throughout the series. Her primary partner is Axew (It evolves into Haxorus). Haxorus is a powerful Dragon-type Pokémon with moves like Outrage, Dragon Pulse, Psycho Cut, etc. She also trains other Pokémon like Excadrill and Emolga

Iris’s Dragonite is another notable memberhaving strength and powerful attacks like Thunder Punch and Ice Beam. Dragonite sometimes ignores Iris’s commands and relies more on its instincts in battles. Iris also has a Gible in the Johto region

Iris has also appeared in the Pokémon games as the eighth and final Gym Leader of the Unova region in Pokémon White and as the Champion in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2.


The presence of black characters in anime enriches the narrative and brings diversity to the medium. These characters highlight the importance of representation and showcase the depth and diversity that black or brown characters bring to anime. They each have left a lasting impact on their respective series and continue to be celebrated by fans around the world.

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