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In the world of One Punch Man, a variety of monsters threaten the peace and security of humanity. One Punch Man Threat Levels are created by the Hero Association, which classifies monsters based on the danger they pose to society. These threat levels help the heroes quickly assess the situation and take appropriate action.

The level of danger ranges from wolf to god. Wolf-level threats are the least dangerous, while God-level threats are the most dangerous. Heroes from ranks C to S are assigned to fight the monsters according to their threat levels.

One important thing to note is that the One Punch Man Threat Levels are not perfect. Some monsters may be more dangerous than their threat level, while others may be less dangerous. It is up to the heroes to use their judgment and experience to determine the true level of threat posed by a monster.


Throughout the manga, we see the heroes of the Hero Association facing off against monsters of all OPM threat levels. Some of the most iconic battles in the series are against dragon-level threats, such as the fight against Boros and the fight against Garou. So without further waiting let’s begin our analysis of One Punch Man disaster levels.

One Punch Man Threat Levels;

1. Wolf Threat Level

One Punch Man Threat Levels: Threat Level Wolf
Threat Level:Wolf
Strength:Unknown, Yet to be discovered(usually weak)
Dispatched Heros:Multiple C-class heroes, One B-class hero
Examples: Tongue Stretcher, Piggy Bancon, Messenger of the Seafolk
OPM threat levels: Wolf

Threat Level Wolf has the lowest ranked threat in One Punch Man Threat Levels. Despite being the lowest level, a Wolf Threat Level monster is still dangerous and poses a threat to civilians. Wolf-level monsters are typically small in size and have limited combat abilities. They are often weak and can be defeated by experienced fighters.

One important thing to note is that this level is given to monsters whose abilities are unknown, and yet to be discovered. Later their rank will be increased according to the information gathered by the Hero Association. Examples of Wolf-level monsters in One Punch Man include the Subterranean People, who were defeated by Saitama in the very first episode of the anime.

Other examples are Tongue Stretcher, Piggy Bancon, Messenger of the Seafolk, etc. Despite the relatively low threat level of Wolf-level monsters, they can still cause damage and chaos in urban areas. They are usually dealt with by a large group of civilians, a bunch of C-class heroes, or one B-class hero


In some cases, Wolf-level monsters may band together and form a group, which can make them more dangerous, even though they are weakest in OPM threat levels.

2. Tiger Threat Level

One Punch Man Threat Levels: Threat Level Tiger
Threat Level:Tiger
Strength:Strong ( Mid to High)
Dispatched Heros:Multiple B-class heroes, single A-class hero
Examples:Crablante, Ground Dragon, Maiko Plasma, and Marshall Gorilla.
OPM threat levels: Tiger

Threat Level Tiger is the second-lowest level of threat in One Punch Man Threat Levels. While Tiger-level monsters are still considered to be relatively weak, they are more dangerous than Wolf-level monsters and require a higher level of skill to defeat.

Tiger-level monsters are usually larger and more powerful than Wolf-level monsters. They may have greater physical strength, speed, and endurance, making them harder to defeat. Tiger-level monsters may also have special abilities or weapons that make them more dangerous.

Heroes of the B-Class are usually called in to deal with Tiger-level threats, although a single A-class hero is enough to handle them. Examples of Tiger-level monsters in One Punch Man include the Crablante, Ground Dragon, Maiko Plasma, and Marshall Gorilla.

Tiger-level monsters can still cause significant damage and destruction and may pose a threat to large groups of civilians. They should not be underestimated or taken lightly. While Tiger-level monsters are not as dangerous as Demon, Dragon, or God-level threats, they still require a high level of skill and experience to defeat.

3. Demon Threat Level

One Punch Man threat levels: Threat Level Demon
Threat Level:Demon
Strength:Capable of destroying a city
Dispatched Heros:Multiple S-class heroes
Examples:Carnage Kabuto, Deep Sea King
OPM threat levels: Demon

Threat Level Demon is a significant step up from Tiger-level threats and is considered to be one of the most dangerous levels of threat in One Punch Man threat levels ranking. Demon-level monsters are powerful and can destroy an entire city by themselves.

Demon-level monsters are usually much larger and more powerful than Tiger-level monsters. They possess a higher level of intelligence. Heroes of the S-Class are usually called in to deal with Demon-level threats. Although because One Punch Man threat levels are flowed, sometimes even S-class heroes are not enough. For example, Genos is defeated by Deep Sea King, even though he is an S-class hero.

Examples of Demon-level monsters in One Punch Man include the House of Evolution’s Carnage Kabuto, which was defeated by Saitama, and the Deep Sea King also defeated by Saitama

Demon-level monsters are not only dangerous because of their physical abilities, but also because of their intelligence and strategic planning. They may have a plan in place to cause maximum damage and destruction and may work together to achieve their goals.

4. Dragon Threat Level

One Punch Man Threat Levels: Threat Level Dragon
Threat Level:Dragon
Strength:Capable of destroying Multiple Cities
Dispatched Heros:Entire Hero’s association
Examples:Boros, Garou
OPM threat levels: Dragon

Threat Level Dragon is the second-highest level of threat in One Punch Man threat levels ranking, just below God-level threats. Dragon-level monsters are so incredibly powerful that they can destroy multiple cities alone.

Dragon-level monsters are much stronger and more destructive than Demon-level monsters. This requires Multiple S-Class Heros to deal with Dragon-level threats, but even they may struggle against these powerful monsters, as Saitama is the only hero shown in the series who could defeat a Dragon-level Threat single-handedly.

Examples of Dragon-level monsters in One Punch Man include the Monster Association’s Garou, as well as Boros, the leader of the Dark Matter Thieves. These monsters are so strong that when Saitama was fighting with them, the entire planet was affected by their fight.

Dragon-level monsters are not only incredibly powerful but may also have an army of lesser monsters at their command. This can make them even more difficult to defeat, as heroes must not only face the Dragon-level monster but also its minions.

5. God Threat Level

One Punch Man Threat Levels: Threat Level God
Threat Level:God
Dispatched Heros:Hero’s association is Incapable to defend
OPM threat levels: God

Threat Level God is the highest level of threat in the One Punch Man Threat Levels ranking. This threat level is given to the monsters who are capable of wiping out entire humanity. Seems impossible right, that’s why they are extremely rare. The series has yet to show some Threat Level God disasters.

It is doubtful that even the entire Hero’s Association can handle this type of disaster. The S-level heroes struggled only to defeat the minions of Boros.

The series has not shown any God-level threat yet but we can guess that it will be “GOD” himself. The only event that came close to becoming a God-level Disaster Threat was the meteor in the first season.

In the manga, the existence of Threat Level God monsters has been hinted at, with characters such as Blast and the God-level threat prophecy alluding to their potential appearance. But everyone will be safe because we know that our hero Saitama can defeat them with one or two punches.


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In conclusion, the One Punch Man threat levels are a useful tool for understanding the danger posed by monsters in the series. Each level has its own unique set of characteristics and poses a different level of danger to society. While we have not yet seen any Threat Level God disasters in the series, their potential appearance is a reminder of the extreme danger that monsters can pose.

Overall, the One Punch Man Monster Levels System helps to make One Punch Man a unique and engaging series, providing a way to measure the power and danger of the various monsters and villains that the heroes must face.

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