Does Saitama Ever Become S-Class?



Welcome anime fans once again to a new hot topic Does Saitama Ever Become S-Class? .In One Punch Man Universe, the Hero Association plays a crucial role. It maintains clear power scaling in the series through its ranking system.

In the world of One Punch Man, where heroes confront absurdly powerful monsters, the Hero Association categorizes them into classes, starting from the weak C-Class all the way up to the strongest S-Class. But for But where does Saitama fit in? The hero who can win any fight with a single punch is struggling for a class promotion.

We fans, want to see our favorite character Saitama get the rank that he deserves after watching him receive a C-class in the first season. We want to see him climb the ranks and reach S-class. To answer the question Does Saitama Ever Become S-Class? Let’s understand the situation and discuss the topic without further delay.

Does Saitama Ever Become S-Class?

The Hero Association Ranking System in One Punch Man

The Hero Association follows a very simple ranking-based system. There are four main classes for a hero: C-Class, B-Class, A-Class, and S-Class. Each of the classes is further divided into ranks within it. It starts from C-Class being the lowest to S-Class being the highest.

A hero’s rank depends on mainly three things. Firstly there is a physical test to understand the strength of the hero. Then there’s a written exam to make sure no psycho or Crazy people join the hero ranking. And popularity also plays a role. This means the more the public likes a hero, the easier it is for him to climb up the ranks.

This whole ranking setup is to make sure heroes are given tasks that they can do with the minimum risk. It ensures that weak heroes don’t fight a strong opponent and lose.

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What Class Is Saitama In Now?

Even though Saitama is the strongest hero in the whole One Punch Man universe, his rank within the Hero Association is still low. His ranking journey started back in the National Superhero Registry Arc. He scored highest in the physical tests, yet he ended up with a Class C rank-342. This is because he didn’t do so well on the written exam.

But don’t worry, things start looking up for him. In the Giant Meteor Arc, he gets promoted to C-Class: Rank 5 thanks to his contributions. Then, in the Sea Monster Arc, he climbs up to B-Class: Rank 7. That is as far as the anime covers. But in the manga Chapter 172 (Online), page 37, he finally makes it to A-Class: Rank 39.

You may ask why Saitama has so slow growth. Well, it’s mostly because the Hero Association doesn’t really know how strong he is. Plus, his writing skills aren’t the best, so he doesn’t score too well on those written exams.

C-Class 388Start of National Superhero Registry Arc
C-Class 342Between King and Garou’s introduction
C-Class 5After saving the day from a meteor
C-Class 2Before the Seafolk invasion event
C-Class 1After the Deep Sea King incident
B-Class 101Promoted to B-Class
B-Class 63At S-Class meeting
B-Class 33Between King and Garou introduction
B-Class 7Before meeting Fubuki
A-Class 39After the Monster Association incident
Saitama getting his C-class evaluation

Saitama getting his C-class evaluation

Is Saitama Stronger Than S-class Rank 1 Blast?

Blast is the S-class rank one in the Hero Association rankings for a good reason. He is strength is more than any other hero in the association. Just that Saitama is a special case among the heroes. Even though Blast has all his power, he is nowhere near Saitama. We have seen Saitama take down opponents with one punch.

But Blast can’t do that. For example, Blast struggled to defeat Elder Centipede a few years back. He could only injure it and make it retreat. But Saitama again took it down with just one punch. This is a clear indication that Saitama is stronger than Blast.

So yeah, to answer the question “Is Saitama Stronger Than S-class Rank 1 Blast?” Yes, he is. And this is another example that the ranking system the Hero Association has is a faulty one.

Saitama Vs Elder Centipede

Saitama Vs Elder Centipede

Class-Based Ranking System Can’t Measure Saitama’s Strength

As we discussed the Hero Association’s way of ranking heroes is not perfect. This applies especially to Saitama. Saitama is not a very bright and intelligent hero. Also, he does not require any kind of strategy or planning to defeat his opponent. Why? Because he is too strong. So, a written exam is meaningless for him.

Popularity is also a ranking factor in the Hero Association. As we know Saitama is one of the least popular heroes. This directly affects the ranking of Saitama in the hero’s list. For a basic comparison, if we take “The King” for example. He is a very weak character but his popularity is Sky High. Despite being one of the weakest characters in the series he is in S-class.

And if we talk about Saitama he does not care how he looks during a fight or how flashy his fighting style is. He just knows that he is strong and he is going to win and that’s it for him. So even after fighting with high-tier monsters, he doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

Does Saitama Ever Become S-Class?

Right now, Saitama isn’t an S-Class hero. But will he become one? Definitely. The show also wants to give recognition to Saitama. From the start of the series new characters are becoming aware of Saitama’s powers. Slowly strong characters are also getting attracted to Saitama.

As word spreads and more people witness Saitama’s true strength, it’s only a matter of time before the Hero Association realizes that he’s the strongest hero. Saitama Is getting promoted from the lower class to the higher class slowly but steadily. He started from the bottom which is class-C but now he is in A-class. Very soon, we will see him in class-S.


In the end, we fans know just how powerful Saitama is. We don’t need a flawed ranking system to tell us that. But we also see something else in Saitama—he’s selfless on the battlefield. He’s out there fighting for the good of everyone, not for fame or glory. And because of that, we really believe he deserves to be recognized.

Reaching S-Class isn’t just about a rank for Saitama—it’s about justice, for him and for us fans too. So, if you have any other opinions, feel free to share them in the comments. Your input helps us create even better content for you.

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